The Widow Season 2 | Release Date | Cast And More

Will William's brothers serve the fans with more action of Georgia Wells, or her journey ends? Well, your answer is in the article given below.

The Widow Season 2

Starring Kate Beckinsale, The Widow is a British thriller, action drama Tv series. The story follows the life of the protagonist, Georgia Wells. She embarks upon a journey of finding her husband, who seemed dead in an air crash.

Harry and Jack Williams have created the series with ITV and prime video. The series premiered on March 2019 UK prime video and later released on ITV on 8 April 2019. Fans are craving for the sequel since then. Well, here is the crucial information about the second helping of the series.

The Widow Season 2

The Cast of The Widow Season 2. Who Will We See in It?

The creators have revealed the potential cast of the Widow Season 2.

  • Kate Beckinsale as Georgia Wells
  • Charles Dance as Martin Benson
  • Alex Kingston as Judith Gray
  • Babs Olusanmokun as General Azikiwe
  • Shalom Nyandiko as Adidja
  • Luiana Bonfim as Gaëlle Kazadi
  • Louise Brealey as Beatrix
  • Bart Fouche as Pieter Bello/Hennie Botha
  • Ólafur Darri Ólafsson as Ariel
  • Howard Charles as Tom
  • Réginal Kudiwu as Djamba
  • Jacky Ido as Emmanuel
  • Matthew Le Nevez as Will
  • Matthew Gravelle as Joshua

The Release Date of The Widow Season 2. When will it air?

Harry Williams and Jack Williams officially said that that they had no plans in mind as of now. They confirmed to that the series is just like the movie and has a satisfying ending.

They said-

“By the time we get to the end, it’s a one-off. It’s very satisfying. There’s no secret pilot. There’s no following season”.

I know it is disheartening for you. But we can hope only that the creators might change their decision. Sometime in the future, we might see season 2.

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The Plot of The Widow. What to expect from Season 2?

Set in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the story is about Georgia Wells, who seemed to lost his husband in a plane crash. Lonely and disheartened, she accidentally saw a man resembling her husband in news about riots in the Democratic Republic of Congo on tv.

Eager to find out the truth, she embarked upon the adventure of finding the truth about her husband in Congo. In her quest, several people helped her. They risked their life while helping her. She finds out the cruel intentions of the government and corrupt practices prevailing in Congo. She further finds out the deed of the military who was killing innocent personalities and gave training to the youth to become killers for their ulterior motive.

Eventually, she finds her husband, who became shocked to see her. He told her his reasons for the disappearance.

The Widow Season 2

Well, the story is just like a movie and came to an end in eight episodes. However, the viewers got confused by seeing the child with Will.

We might see thy behind the child in season 2 if ever made.

Is There Any Trailer Available for The Widow Season 2?

Williams brothers had no plans to continue with the series. So you may never see season 2. Therefore, you may never see the trailer.

What is the IMDB Rating of The Widow?

Amazon’s original series performed well and able to score 6.9 out of 10.

The Widow Season 2

Where Can We Watch The Widow series?

It is co-produced by Amazon and ITV so you can watch it there. You can also watch it on Hulu and Netflix.

Final Verdict

Williams is known for their gripping Myster tv series. After 2014 The Missing, it is a great piece of entertainment for viewers. The series is intense, full of twists and turns, and will make you emotional several times. The plot is quite intriguing and will engage you throughout the series. Kate Beckinsale has shown as a strong and determined woman. She nailed the role of Georgia Wells. However, there are few cons also. The series consists of unnecessary subplots. Overall it is enjoyable series in less time.

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What are your views about The woman? Do you think the creators should move forward with the series? Do tell us in the comment box.

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