The Wait Is Over for Heartland Season 14: Released on Up faith and family. 

Are you a fan of comedy-drama and especially if it is a family drama? If your answer is yes, then you must have listened to the series Heartland.

heartland season 14

Are you a fan of comedy-drama and especially if it is a family drama? If your answer is yes, then you must have listened to the series Heartland.

13 seasons are already been released, and here we gonna talk about season 14. You must have streamed the previous seasons. If not, then it never too late. 

Heartland is a family comedy-drama series made in Canada. It was taken from a book series named Heartland written by Lauren Brooke It was telecasted on CBC on 14th October 2007.

Murray Shostak is the developer, and Suzan Aynscough, Tina Grewal, Jamie Paul Rock, and Dean Bennett are the producers of the series Heartland.

There are 14 seasons with a total number of 224 episodes. Running time is 44 minutes.

heartland season 14

The Plot Of The Series Heartland Season 14:

In the past years, unexpected changes are seen in the Heartland family. Amy deals with a major change in her life with a lot of troubles. Lou becomes the mayor of Hudson, the reality which he is still facing with. Georgie has a dream of the Olympics which she revisits.

Amy puts effort to help a young girl to make a connection with her horse which is new. She faces a painful truth when doing so takes a huge, unexpected turn. Lou is criticized as a Mayor, whereas, on the other hand, Jack faces painful thoughts, while a cattle drive.

Amy helps Lily, Ty’s mother, to cope up with a racehorse which was very traumatizing. Lou creates more trouble for herself when she tries to sell Hudson in a name of a must-see tourist destination.

Suddenly a catastrophe strikes the Hudson town when a train leaves its track, and an explosion happens in the town. This threatens the people of the town very much. Rodeo grounds are surrounded by the fire and are spreading even more. Horses were at the Rodeo grounds, so Amy rushes to save them.

Amy picked up a black stallion from Will’s ranch was now thrown out of the herd by a new leader that forced him out brutally. Amy helps the horse and makes him healthy again by treating all the injuries on his body.

heartland season 14

Many wild horses were there now who didn’t have any home. They were homeless. Amy starts a horse clinic then to help all of them.

The next episode opens with Tim competing in a polo match where he needs to find help with a person whom he didn’t like much. Amy is worried and concerned about her daughter, who was unable to adjust to this new reality. Then she takes a decision that left Jack in worry.

Caleb in the next episode finds a thing that will remind of a person or event from the past to Amy. He thinks that it will hold a very special meaning for her. But surprisingly, after seeing the gift, Jack is left with some mixed emotions.

Quinn’s father who is a very rich person comes with a proposal for Amy and his son that will change their life forever.

To help Clint’s friend, Amy controls a very challenging horse and makes it work. She also relives her dream that she and Spartan together practiced years ago to rebuild the jumping course.

The ending of the series is a quite roller coaster ride of emotions. The characters were never played like this before. They cared for each other very much and this added something new to the series. This season is liked by most of the people in comparison to the previous one as a whole.

In this season as Amy heals the horses, horses also heal Amy in every way. Lou becomes the Mayor, and on the other hand, Hudson town had to face such a disastrous incident which made the people very afraid. Time is forever changing and healing as well. All we need to be just stronger. Here also, the family stays together and be the strength of each other. Ty was lost in the end, as predicted by the fans that something big will happen in this season. An important and loving member of the Heartland family is gone. This broke the heart of many, but the family needs to stay stronger and time changes everything.

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The Cast Of The Series Heartland Season 14:

The main cast includes:

  • Amy Fleming’s role played by Amber Marshall

  • Samantha Louise “Lou” Fleming Morris’s role played by Michelle Morgan

  • Jackson “Jack” Bartlett’s role played by Shaun Johnston

  • Georgina “Georgie” Fleming Morris’s role played by Alisha Newton

  • Timothy “Tim” Fleming’s role played by Chris Potter

IMDB Rating Of The Series Heartland Season 14:

8.4 out of 10 is the IMDb rating of the series Heartland season 14.

Where We Can Watch The Series Heartland Season 14:

You can even stream it on different websites. You can also download it from different websites to watch it offline.


This season is all about the love and the care that the family has between them. All the emotions are expressed very correctly here. The Heartland family is back with some of the problems from the past and the present as well. They have to deal with all of them.

If the problem arises with one person of the family, then all are standing with the one with all determination. They stand strong against the problem and deal with it.

Time has all the power, and it heals all the injuries internally as well as externally. All you need is, just stay strong and never give up. 

If you have any queries regarding the Heartland season 14, you can drop a comment in the comment box. We love to answer your question.

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