The Society Season 2- Netflix Release or Cancels the show?

The Society is Kindered like the show 13 Reasons Why.

The Society Season 2

Are you teenagers like me and looking for the best web series that suits you well? Looking for a perfect Drama, fantasy, and science fiction ( Sounds Interesting right). This is the main reason why I love this American series.  Everything you are looking for is here in The Society Season 2.  

Be Ready-, I know you are 🙂

The Society Season 2.

The society season 2 is a melodrama of an American Thriller Mystery that is offered by Netflix and created by Chris Keyser. The Society is based on the typical teen drama. Not only the teenagers even the adults are also obsessed with The Society series. It is the most liked show on Netflix you can stream the show online on Netflix.

The Society is the latest YA drama which is offered by Netflix. The story is of the teenagers who returned to their home town, halm after the school trip got canceled.

When they return to the town they found something unusual. They are all alone in the town everything is exactly as same as it was before the only difference they notice is about the loneliness. The town seems to be very quiet. There is no one in the town. (Sounds Interesting Right)

The rest of the story revolves around how the teens react to this situation? What they did next after they find out themself in this tragic situation?

Why delay occurs in the Release of The Society Season 2?

Season 2 will going to be released out soon but got delayed due to the pandemic attack of the Corona Virus. The Fans seem to be a little bit upset about this delay. It is one of the best teen drama show that is presented by the Netflix the fans are really obsessed with the “Teen Drama”.

The officials were stating that the new season will begin in the year 2020 in August but got delay due to a virus, everyone knows what I am talking about. Yes because of the COVID- 19 viruses the delays occur in the actual release date. This leads the fans to become sad and some get angry with this statement.

Are you sad over this news? I am sad too 🙁 but we can do nothing in it. We could only hope for the release date that it will not get delayed again. There is a very good possibility about the release date that will be going to be released soon.

The Society Season 2 Plotline- What will happen “NEXT“.

The Society has a different and a unique storyline. In season one the Teenagers are coming to their hometown from a canceled school trip. When they came to their home town Halm, they find out nobody there. The town has no one even their parents are not there. The town seems to be as usual as it was before there is no sign of destruction occurs there.

The season one end is somehow shocking at the end of The Society every one disappears, the scene confirms the theory that the teens found himself in the parallel universe.

Now talking about the plotline for The Society Season 2, the previous season ends up with many queries in the mind of the viewers, Why do all the teenagers disappear? What happens to them? Why is the parallel universe considered in the end? Season 2 will go to tell all those unanswered queries which occur in the mind of viewers at the ending of the previous season.

we can’t say anything because the script is not ready yet even the controversies also arise that maybe the show got canceled.

The Society Season 2

Is The Society Worth Watching?

From the point of view of mine, It is going to be worth watching because the season is a bucket full of suspense, drama, queries and a lot more. All of which are the main criteria that needed to bind a user with the screen.

The season one has its separate fan base if you want to make your interest in the show then you need to watch about three to four episodes of the starting.

Allie: “You know how you said everyone we go to school with is an asshole? Well, you were right.” – The best dialogue of The Society by Allie. 

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The Society Season 2


The Society- Cast

Cassandra: “Everything that kept us safe is gone.”  I love Cassandra because of her bold character. I am sure you must like her too. What about your favorite character?

The below we have mentioned the cast of The Society season second Some of the characters are returning back in season 2 as well, new characters are going to be seen in the next season if the show continues.

The Society Season 2 characters name-

  • Will
  • Campbell
  • Becca 
  • Harry 
  • Kelly 
  • Helena 
  • Elle 
  • Gordie 
  • Bean 
  • Grizz 
  • Clark 
  • LexieThe Society Season 2

Release date of The Society Season 2.

As confirmed by Netflix and the officials the seasons 2 is not canceled by the pandemic attack. Season 2 is going to be released soon in 2020 or starting of 2021. Once they manage themself the shooting will continue again for the next season but the news is not recent. Read below for more.

EXCLUSIVE: But a piece of new news arises that the show is not going to be launch by Netflix because of the Covid-19 they have faced a huge loss. For the shooting of season 2, the budget is very less. Netflix has stated very disappointingly that season 2 has been canceled 🙁 and it was canceled by Netflix because of the low budget.

But there is a chance maybe The Society Season 2 got renewed again for its fans may be the problem of the budget got solved and shooting will start again. No worries, if this happens or we got any further information regarding the renewal of the show, will be updated in this article 🙂

The trailer of The Society Season 2

Have you watched the trailer yet?  If the answer is NO, then no issues below we have a trailer of The Society Season 2. The trailer was launched in the year 2019. But the shooting of the episodes got postponed due to the pandemic attack of the Covid-19.



The above article is completely based on the teen drama show known as “The Society Season 2”. Fans are completely obsessed with the show. the Season one of the show is aired on Netflix but for season 2, the fans are disappointed after hearing this news of canceling the season 2.

Maybe the Netflix changes its mind and renews the show again, we could only hope for this together.


With the help of our article, we have tried to cover all the expected questions that come in the mind of the viewers. But if you are having any other queries regarding the new season of The Society then you can ask us in our comment section given below.

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If you seem the article helpful then please let us know in our comment section. Also share the article on your social platforms or your friends who are eagerly waiting for the  New season of this Teen Drama.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Is season 2 For The Society is released on Netflix?

A- The answer is no very disappointingly it is stated by the Netflix that the season has been canceled.

Q- Who is Beca Baby?

A-She is the baby in the society but the identity of his father remains unrevealed.

Q-How does The Society season one ends?

A-In the end the viewers got shocked that all the things are happening in the parrel universe. In fact, all the group is dead and purgatory.

Q-Who came at the end of the series?

A-The lady which is seen in the last episode is the mother of Allie and Cassandra. Many of the viewers do not even know about her because she got disappeared after the very first episode.



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