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What will happen if the government will legalize crime for a day? Don’t you think that the crime bar will break all the present records?

The Purge is the best series to experience such phenomena.

The Purge is an anthology television series that originated in America and is based on the franchise of “The Purge”.

Horror, action thriller, crime drama, and anthology are the genre of the series.

James DeMonaco is the creator of the series The Purge.

Aaron Seliquini (Season 1), Alissa M. Kantrow, and Blaine Williams (Season 2) are the producers of the series.

The Purge Season 1 was telecasted on USA Network on 4th September 2018 and came to an end with 10 episodes on 6th November 2018.

The Purge Season 2 was aired on USA Network on 15th October 2019 and ended with 10 episodes on 17th December 2019.

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The Plot of the Series the Purge:


The story of the series is all about the imaginary United States ruled by a totalitarian government where people suffer from injustice and suffering. The government allows a 12-hour period in which all the crimes are legalized. The legalized crimes include robbery, vandalism, firebombing, and murder.

The first season involves many unconnected characters who struggle to pass the night. Miguel Guerrero is out in the search of his sister Penelope who is a member of a death cult now. Jane Barbour is an executive who wants to take revenge with the help of the purge. Jenna and Rick Betancourt are a couple who are entrepreneurs, who are out to attend a purge party so that they could seek investment from a rich purge supporter.

The episode starts with the citizens travelling in the night chaos after the arrival of the annual Purge night. Jane analyzes the correctness of the Purge night as she wanted to take revenge whereas Miguel cleans the land so that he could find the traces of his sister. Rick and Jenna accept the payment of closing their business deal.

Penelope on the other hand is prepared to make a big sacrifice. She finds herself in the annual festival of flesh. Jane on the other hand is forced to leave the office. Jane asks Matron Saints for allowing her for a ride. Jenna is helped by Lili and Catalina leaves Jenna after giving her a warning.

On the other hand, Penelope struggles to fight with Henry. Miguel takes Henry away whereas Jane finds a secret related to David Ryker that appears to be very disturbing. After rescuing Penelope, Miguel and Penelope travel away from there in a forest to go to the safety of Cantina. Jane faces David’s party forcefully whereas Lila’s motives are not clear and are doubted by Rick. Lila on the other hand tries to deal with the rejection that she faced.

Miguel and Pete together try to save Penelope from the trap whereas Joe and Jane together discuss their views on the Purge night. A surprising enemy appears in front of Miguel and Pete. They try to deal with him whereas Penelope tries to take the situation under control.

Will Miguel be able to save Penelope? Will Jane be able to take revenge? To know the whole story in detail you need to watch the show.

In the second season, people again struggle to pass the Purge night and investigate the conspiracies that took place a year before. In one story, there is an ex-police officer who has now become a bank robber. In the second story, a detective of NFFA is trying to find pieces of evidence related to a suspicious murder of a scientist who was his friend. Later on, he discovers that many of his peers were also killed.

In another story, there are college fraternity members who are out to collect the items on a scavenger hunt. Later, they also struggle to protect themselves. There is a couple also where the husband is attacked by a hitman. They also investigate the motive of the attack.

Later on, the connection between all these stories is revealed as the season progresses.

Release Date of the Purge Season 3:


The story revolves around many characters who struggle to fight the Purge to take it to the end. It had a remarkably promising beginning that won the hearts of many. Fans were in shock after discovering that Season 3 of the show has been cancelled. In May 2020, the USA Network announced that The Purge Season 3 has been cancelled. The second season of the show attracted many people in comparison to season 1.

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The Cast of the Tv Series the Purge:


The Main Characters of Season 1 of the Purge Are:

  • Miguel Guerrero’s character is played by Gabriel Chavarria
  • Jenna Betancourt’s character is played by Hannah Emily Anderson
  • Penelope Guerrero’s character is played by Jessica Garza
  • Lila Stanton’s character is played by Lili Simmons
  • Jane Barbour’s character is played by Amanda Warren
  • Rick Betancourt’s character is played by Colin Woodell
  • Joe Owens’s character is played by Lee Tergesen

The Main Characters of Season 2 Are:

  • Marcus Moore’s character is played by Derek Luke
  • Ryan Grant’s character is played by Max Martini
  • Esme Carmona’s character is played by Paola Nunez
  • Ben Gardner’s character is played by Joel Allen

Imdb Rating of the Tv Series the Purge:

6.5 out of 10 is the IMDb rating of the TV series The Purge.

Where Can We Watch the Tv Series the Purge?

Links to watch The Purge Season 3:

You can stream it online from the above-mentioned links or can download it from various platforms to watch it offline.

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After the release of season 2, it was announced that there is no existence of the next season. However, the makers of the show will be back with another masterpiece.

Until then keep watching The Purge!

If you have any query regarding the Purge season2, you can drop a comment in the comment section. We love to answer your question.

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