The Morning Show: Season 2 Is it Confirmed?

The Morning Show on Apple TV+

Hello friends, such a pleasure to see you again. Get excited because without wasting any time, today, we will brief you about the upcoming season 2 of the show called ‘The Morning Show.’ With an IMDb of 8.4/10, the first season of the American drama released in late 2019 on Apple TV+ with 10 episodes in total. It was liked very much by the audience. 

Although the series’ season is confirmed, there is a lot more about it that you need to know. So, keep on reading and keep on gaining all the inside details.

The Morning Show Season 2: Release

The makers have officially confirmed that season 2 of the show is coming but since it is still under the process and things are happening at a slow pace due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you have to wait 2-3 months more as its Release is scheduled in November. Release’s exact date is still not out, and you even have to wait for its official announcement.

You can check out all the details of the show on its official Twitter handle, by clicking on the the link is given below. 

The Morning Show Season 2: Cast

Jennifer Aniston, as Alex Levy, and Bradley Jackson as Reese Witherspoon’s are definitely coming back in this season. There is huge uncertainty about Steve Carrell’s return, who played disgraced news anchor Mitch Kessler. His contract for 1 year is already over.

There is still a debate going on whether he will make it in season 2 or not. The makers are neither agreeing nor disagreeing on the news of Steve Carrell exiting the show. One thing that the Executive producer of the show, Michael Ellenberg, confirmed is that “You’ll see about Mitch. 

‘We’re exploring it,’ which means Steve’s character is coming back in season 2. Still, the surety of Steve’s return is yet to be confirmed. We don’t know whether to be happy or sad about this news.

Whatever happens, the second season is still going to deal with the after-effects of Mitch’s behavior. We have to wait until the things get cleared between the makers and Steve Carrell, and some official confirmation comes out.

The Plot

With all the major changes occurring in today’s world after the coronavirus pandemic coming into existence, the show is undergoing rewrites to reflect the current events. There are a few more global phenomena that took place this year as the Black Lives Matter movement and the 2020 presidential election.

That is why the makers are rewriting the show since it solely portrays today’s reality. Although the script is still getting reconstructed, you can expect to witness all these issues in the show.

Narrating the current scenario using the OOT platform is such a commendable job. We admire the makers and the idea of the show for it. Stay tuned because more such interesting updates are on their way to be read by you. So, see you next time, reader.

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