The Mist Season 2 – The Release Date and More

The Mist Season 2 is the most popular and demanding series. But the question is why Spike cancelled the series?

Are you searching for any series which is based on advance knowledge like the scientific things? If you are searching that let me tell you one thing that your search is now complete.

Here is everything about one such series named, The Mist Season 2.


The 1st Season aired from 22nd June to 24th August, 2017 on Spike with 10 episodes. As the previous season premiered, all the fans are waiting for the premiere of next installment i.e. the 2nd Season of The Mist.

Initially, the mist was a fantastic big project for Spike. Have you seen the 1st Season of The Mist? If you haven’t then the IMDb Rating of the series is given below that may help you to recognize how popular the series is…….

The article contains all the relevant updates about the 2nd Season of The Mist like the plotline, the casting characters, the upcoming date, the trailer and much more……..

To grasp the knowledge let’s scroll down………….

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The Mist Season 2

The Mist Season 2 is an American science fiction horror thriller television series. It is developed by Christian Torpe. The series is based on horror novella of 1980s. The author of this novella is Stephen King. The series was filmed in the Canadian province.

The story of The Mist Season 2 follows the people who are standing in the supermarket. At the same time, an eerie mist descends over the town. Very soon it was found that there are vicious, Lovecraftian monsters that were lurking within the mist.

They are trapping each and every people inside the market without any way for exit. Tension and infighting begin to pose a large amount of treat to the survivors. These survivors are the real monsters.

The film “The Mist” was an intense ride that brought King’s story to a good life. The main reason behind the popularity of the film is its bleak ending that remains controversial.

After reading that much overview I hope you are eager to know the storyline of The Mist………..

What can we expect from The Mist?

The story is completely based on the small town of Bridgeville in Maine. The town is suddenly shaken when a mist slowly envelopes the complete town. Very soon, people come to know that the situation is more severe just because of the mist with abnormal behavior.


In the mist, the old phenomenon attacks and kills everybody who enters in it. Due to this various groups were being restricted to the areas such as the shopping mall, church and the police station.

Ultimately, people know that this phenomenon’s are apparitions from their pasts, fears and guilt that may help or kill them.

It’s time to know the names of the main characters of the series……….

Cast/ Characters of The Mist

It is a well known fact that the role of the characters plays a vital role in the development of any series.

  • Morgan Spector as Kevin Copeland
  • Alyssa Sutherland as Eve Copeland
  • Gus Birney as Alex Copeland
  • Danica Curcic as Mia Lambert
  • Okezie Morro as Bryan Hunt
  • Luke Cosgrove as Jay Heisel
  • Darren Pettie as Connor Heisel
  • Russell Posner as Adrian Garff
  • Frances Conroy as Nathalie Raven

Above mentioned are the leading characters of The Mist that are to be appreciated. Many other supporting characters are also there.

Don’t you want to know whether the series is cancelled or renewed for the 2nd Season………….

Is the series ‘The Mist Season 2’ cancelled or premiered?

When will it premiere?

On 27th September, 2017, it was officially announced by Spike that the series has been cancelled.


By putting the brakes over the 2nd Season, Spike cancelled the series for further renewal. This happened after the 1st Season ended. The fate of the series (The Mist) was always high but when the 1st Season left the door to continue the story in the 2nd Season, it seemed a lack of excitement among the people.

That’s the main reason why Spike cancelled the fabulous series. There will no Season 2 of The Mist.

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Is there any Trailer of The Mist Season 2?

As I told you earlier, the series has been cancelled for the 2nd Season of The Mist. But in case if you haven’t seen the previous season of the series then you can enjoy it from the video given below……..

IMDb Rating of The Mist

The IMDb rating of The Mist is only 5.4 out of 10 with 22,278 votes.

Final Words

The Mist Season 2 is one of the best American science fiction horror thriller films. It is in demand of so many fans (including me). But the disappointing thing is that Spike cancelled this series for the further renewal……….

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