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The Missing is a British crime, drama, thriller TV series written by Harry Williams and Jack Williams. Till now two seasons of The Missing have been released, both seasons have eight parts and were released on BBC One in the UK and the United States on Starz.

The first series containing eight parts, about the search of a boy missing in France, was directed by Tom Shankland. It started streaming in the UK on 28 October 2014, and in the United States on 15 November 2014.

The second series, about the search for a girl missing in Germany, was directed by Ben Chanan. It started running in the UK, from 12 October 2016, and in the United States, from 12 February 2017.

The story of the series The Missing generally revolves around the crimes related to kidnappings.

The Plot of The Missing

In the first season, the show is about the missing of a British boy Oliver Hughes who came to France with his parents Tony Hughes and Emile Hughes from the United Kingdom, in 2006,

during the FIFA World Cup, where Oliver gets missed somehow. After eight years, Tony continued to search for his son after seeing a boy wearing a scarf same as Oliver wore at the time of missing. Julien Baptiste the retired detective helps Tony in search of his son and led the investigation.

The second season was about a girl missing mystery.

the story is paralleled by season 1 and set near to a British army garrison in Germany. in 2014 Sam and Gemma came to know about their daughter Alice who was missing since 2003, that Alice has come back and claims that she convicts with Sophie Giroux, a girl from France who also disappeared about the same time. Retired Detective Julien Baptiste, in charge of the missing case of Sophie Giroux, was involved again and started finding the answers.

In season 3 we can expect the story based on the missing mystery same as the above 2, but this time the showrunners have confirmed that we will get to see some more thrill and drama.

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The Cast of The Missing Season 3


The lead cast of season 1 was as follows:

  • Tcheky Karyo played French Detective Julien Baptiste.
  • James Nesbitt acted as Tony Hughes.
  • Frances O’Connor played Emily Hughes.
  • Anastasia Hille played Celia Baptiste, Julien’s wife.

However, the lead cast of season 2 was played by following :

  • Tcheky Karyo played French Detective Julien Baptiste.
  • David Morrissey played Captain Sam Webster.
  • Keeley Hawes played Gemma Webster.
  • Anastasia Hille played Celia Baptiste, Julien’s wife.

However, the showrunners have yet not declared the cast of season 3 but the creators’ Harry and Jack Williams revealed, “if we did The Missing again it would be a brand new story and world.”

Tcheky Karyo has confirmed that he will be back to his ideal role as French Detective Julien Baptiste. So we can expect to see again Tcheky Karyo but the lead characters and cast will be different from the previous series.

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Announcement and Release Date of The Missing Season 3

The showrunners still have not officially announced any release date of The Missing Season 3. But the fans of this television show can enjoy the spin-off series, Baptiste starring Tcheky Karyo as Detective Julian Baptiste. This will give you a magnificent adventure same as the series The Missing.

Where to Watch The Missing Season 3?

We can easily watch The Missing season 1 and season 2 on the Amazon Prime OTT platform.

Season 3 will get a release on the same platform. If you wish to watch the previous season, you can download it from torrent or watch it online from the given site.

Is there any trailer available for The Missing season 3?

With a very heavy heart, I have to say that there is no trailer available for season 3 yet. Fans are making a few spoof trailers by combining the pics of seasons 1 and 2 and claim to be official. You can watch them just for entertainment.

Ratings of The Missing Series

Viewers loved this series very much that shows in the rating

IMDB Rating-Series got a decent rating of 8.2 out of 10.

Final Verdict


If you love crime thriller drama shows then you can not miss this series. Both the series have a new story new plot. This series is a complete package of thrill. And the creators also released the spin-off Baptiste as a compliment. In the upcoming season, makers have promised to deliver more fun and excitement.

If you have queries related to the series Missing, just drop them in the comment box. We will feel glad to answer them. Stay in touch with us for the latest updates about season 3.

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