The Misery Index Season 3: Its Arrival and Storyline

The Misery Index Season 3 Host
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Welcome back, reader. Ready for yet another exciting update on your favorite entertainment show – The Misery Index Season 3? Talking about entertaining shows, reality shows are one such thing that is liked by a vast amount of audiences, especially the youth and the teens. So, we decided to brief you about a reality show in today’s session.

Today’s discussion is on ‘The Misery Index Season 3’. As you know, it is a reality show that first premiered on October 22, 2019, and was liked by the audience so much that the makers already decided to create another season of the show within three months.

The Misery Index Season 3: Storyline

The show allows its participants to earn money at the expense of the misery of others. Two teams are pitted against each other. They are then asked to rate real-life funny and unhappy events using the Pain Index, a ranking system created by a team of doctors, and each team has three participants in total.

The main game is divided into three rounds and ratings are given based on three pillars of the pain, the physical pain, the emotional trauma, and the long-term psychological impact.

Each round offers participants to choose from the different cash prizes where the maximum limit for Round 1 is $500, the maximum limit for Round 2 is $1,000. The winner gets $2,000 and advances to the bonus round in the final round, where the value is doubled to $4,000.

Since the show’s previous two seasons have followed this format and storyline, we believe that this season will also have the same format and rules as their plot.

Season 3: Release

The comedy reality show that air on TBS was a super hit because of its context. The fun and the liveliness of the show and a massive dose of candid comedy have made it favorite among the audience. 

Season 2 was released because of the same reason as mentioned above i.e., its content liked by the masses, and that is why the makers have decided to release its 3 rd season as early as possible. 

The makers announced that the 3 rd season would premiere in October 2020. We know you cannot hold your excitement, but calm down as there is more for you to read. The official confirmation came on the Misery Index’s official Twitter handle on August 6. Click on the link given below to check it out.


The Misery Index Season 3: Cast

Jameela Jamil of ‘The Good Place’ fame has served as the host for both of the previous seasons of ‘The Misery Index’ along with her co-host ‘The Tenderloins comedy troupe.’ Both of them are expected to return to the show to do what they do the best.

It makes it even exciting, not just the show, but the cast is coming back too. Yay! That’s all folk! We gave you not just one but two good news regarding the show’s release and its original star cast returning to your screens for fun, packed entertainment, and comedy.

It would be best to stay tuned with us to get more such happy and exciting news about your favorite show. So, stay connected until next time.

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