The Midnight Sky- Fabulous Details “You Must Need To Know”

Good morning, Midnight! I'm coming home, Day got tired of me – How could I of him?

The Midnight Sky

Have you ever think of a complete package of drama along with the science fiction? Sounds Great Right 🙂 So, readers, we have a complete package of drama, action, adventure along with science fiction.

The Midnight Sky is the bucket full of buzz.

The Midnight Sky

Wondering what about the Film is? The Midnight Sky is an American film starred by George Clooney that is completely based on science fiction. The movie is based on a novel Good morning, Midnight. It is going to be released on Netflix. The film has a post-apocalyptic storyline. The story in the movie is unique which is going to be loved by the viewers.

The Midnight Sky
The Midnight Sky

Release Date of Mid Night Sky

As per official netflix announcement in 2019, This Sci-Fiction movie is going to be released by Netflix in December 2020. So, is there any specific date? Not yet!

The movie is directed by George Clooney, Sophie Rund, Kyle Chandler. So, you might be thinking about

where does this title comes from? or do you know how the writer went into depression after the publishing of the novel?

As I already said, this movie is based on the novel “Good Morning, midnight sky” by Jean Rhys in the year 1931. Here  are  few  more  details  about  it:The Midnight Sky

Good Morning, Midnight Sky Novel (Jean Rhys)

The novel deals with a feeling of a woman’s how she feels depressed, vulnerable, and desperate during the year of the World War.

The novel is written well but sold very poorly because the critics think that it is too depressing.

Jean thinks that it is the end of her writing career when the novel gets a poor result. The title of the book Good Morning is based on a poem by Emily Dickinson.

Good morning, Midnight!
I’m coming home,
Day got tired of me –
How could I of him?

Sunshine was a sweet place,
I liked to stay –
But Morn didn’t want me – now –
So good night, Day!

More about the poem, less about the movie. This is not gonna work – let’s have a look at the first look or trailer of the midnight sky.

The MidNight Sky First Look

Drama Midnight Sky Plotline

Have you seen the trailer above? The lady in the trailer is seen in an astronaut costume. The name itself clarifies half of the story of the movie. It is a post-apocalyptic tale. The film is directed by George Cooloney, he is habitual of making science fiction movies, this time George is coming with the Midnight sky.

The story is based on a lonely scientist of the arctic who is returning home to a mysterious global catastrophe along with his fellow astronauts. The following star is going to be seen in the movie.

The Midnight Sky Cast

Who will be starred in this film?

  • George Clooney(Augustine)
  • Felicity Jones(Sully)
  • Kyle Chandler(Mitchell)
  • David Oyelowo(Adewole)
  • Tiffany Boone(Maya)
  • Demain Bicher(Sanchez)  Many other characters are going to be seen in the movie
  • Sophie Rundle
  • Ethan Peck
  • Tim Russ
  • Miriam ShorThe Midnight Sky

Mid Night sky IMDB reviews

The Film is full of buzz along with science. The movie has good popularity rank of 1142 out of 4721.

However, as movie is not launched yet, how will it be possible to get IMDB ratings and reviews but as movie will launch, we will definitely list out the IMDB reviews of the viewers.

Final Verdict

So. are you ready fo complete package of drama, Sci-Fic, adventure, and a lot more, if yes- just wait till december 2020. Till then, you may check out the release date of The Witcher Season 2 and The Good Omens Season netflix shows.

If there is something we have missed out or you wanted to know, please feel free to add in a comment section.

Frequently asked questions.

Q- What is Post-apocalyptic?

A-Post-apocalyptic is a sub-genre of science fiction it is a quite popular nowadays in the movies or film industry. the films are also known as doomsday film.

Q- What is Sci-Fic?

A- It is basically an abbreviation that is used for science fiction.

Q- Is The MIdnight Sky is available on Netflix?

A- It is not available on the NetFlix yet, the film is going to be released at the end of December 2020 on Netflix.

Q- Is Midnight Sky a Novel or a Film?

A- The midnight sky is a novel as well as a film too. The film is inspired by the novel which is written by the Jeans Rhys in the year 1931.


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