The Mentalist Season 8 : Will It Come Back or This Is the End?


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Look at the American Drama television series “The Mentalist Season 8”. 

Shows like ‘The Mentalist’ are usually risky to release for the love may or may not get, but the show undoubtedly did wonders in the crime genre.

The show successfully had 7 seasons which had its finale in 2015 but will it be picked up now? Will it come back after 6 years? Or is this the end the series gets and the show is canceled now?

Those who wanted me to reveal the 8th season coming or not of The Mentalist Season 8. Scroll down!

The Mentalist Season 8 : What it is all about?

With the major renovation in season 7, ‘The Mentalist’ episodes were thrown back to from where it all in the sense of the quality of the show and the views. The show managed to have great views and the quality for the show on the channel but why did it all end?

Although all ‘The Mentalist’ characters are nicely written and the plot of ‘Red John’ got way more extreme than it should. The storyline lost where it all started. The spark of the show was lost in the wind and the storyline line was disturbed. It was just till the fifth season why they maintained the spark quite well but they lost it all after that season. There’s no doubt that the Red John finale was done tremendously, but the rest was too dull, serious, and painfully repetitive.

Then comes Red John’s death at the hands of Jane. This is where all the ‘The Mentalist’ fans came back running, but, unfortunately, the number was not enough. Interestingly, some fans even theorised that the reinvention route was strategically taken to lure back the dearly departed viewers for the series finale.

At last, making more seasons would not have brought back the dark; they would just have lost the show even more. Their dropping rates of the previous seasons were enough reason to cancel the show and stop the renewals by CBS. The network could not bear it anymore so they pulled the plug and even shortened the series finale season 7 to 13 episodes, while all the previous seasons had 20 episodes.

The Mentalist Season 8 Release Date : When Will It Premiere?

The Mentalist Season 7 had their very last episode aired on February 18, 2015. However, before Season 7 aired, CBS announced that it will be the final day trip of ‘The Mentalist’, as Patrick Jane might leave the show..

The last season was also cut short to have only 13 episodes, whereas all earlier seasons had more than 20 episodes. But keeping all known facts aside, the real question that stands is if Season 8 is coming back?

Will the streaming platform be the same or will the show be picked up by another platform? Taking into consideration that the network has moved on from this show as the season 7 was aired in 2015 and now it’s 2021, its difficult to say whether the show will be back or not. 

All fans might get sad but yes, it’s been a little more than four years that the show has not been given any further news, so it probably is canceled now. In that time, no streaming platform picked up the show ‘The Mentalist season 8’ and gave fans a new place to watch it. 

But doesn’t the storyline seem to be a little incomplete? If ‘The Mentalist season 8’ had been to hold, it would focus on Jane and Lisbon’s paintings, and personal courting. Keeping all these statistics in mind, it would be safe to say that ‘The Mentalist Season 8 stands canceled, and isn’t always likely to make a return each time soon.

Final Words

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