The Good Fight Season 5: Diane to Return

The Good Fight Season 5

Are you fond of TV shows with strong female leads? If you are someone who likes to see female lead characters that break the stereotypes propagated throughout the years of television history, you will love The Good Fight. CBS has announced that the viewers should expect The Good Fight Season 5 in the future. 

With The Good Fight Season 5, we expect more interesting takes by the showmakers on the US’s events. Though TV shows with substantial political and social commentary are not enjoyed by many, they are setting a new trend in the industry. 

It’s becoming trendy to have all-female lead shows, throwing occasional political commentary. The Good Fight is created by Robert King. The show was aired in 2017. It has completed four seasons so far. 

If you are here for all the news on The Good Fight Season 5, we are here to provide you it all. 

The Good Fight Season 5: The Premise

The Good Fight Season 5

The show’s produced by King Size Productions and CBS Television Studios. You can stream this show on CBS All Access, and watch on CBS network. It’s supposed to be the spin-off to The Good Wife show. 

It features Christine Baranski, Rose Leslie, Erica Tazel, and Cush Jumbo in the main lead. The show revolves around the above characters. 

Diane Lockhart, played by Christine Baranski, loses her reputation and life savings after falsely getting involved in a major financial scam. The scam is committed by her protégé Maia Rindell’s(Rose Leslie) father. Diane is forced to quit her partnership firm and find a job at another firm and her former colleague. 

The show’s all about how the lead character gets involved in various legal cases while fighting their personal battles and drama surrounding it.

The social commentary in this show is pretty much blunt. You can see writers openly exploring Trump-era politics, alt-right influence, the spread of fake news everywhere, the MeToo Movement, and police brutality. 

The Good Fight: Release Date of Season Five

The Good Fight is running on-screen from 2017. The first was aired in February 2017. It had ten episodes. The second season came with 13 episodes in 2018. The third season had ten episodes again, which was launched in 2019. 

Season 4 of the show was released on April 09, 2020. This time it had only seven episodes. The production of The Good Fight Season 5 was supposed to start this year, but you can guess what must have stopped it. Yeah, right, it’s COVID-19

Since it’s a political/legal drama, it doesn’t need much heavy production work. The production company has annually launched new consecutive seasons without delay. However, this year it will not be that case. 

The Good Fight Season 5 release date hasn’t been announced yet. We expect it will be back in 2021.   

The Trailer of Season 5

Unfortunately, the filming of Season 5 hasn’t started yet. Thus the question of the trailer of the new season is out of the picture. However, season four was aired recently, and you can watch the trailer of it if you haven’t. 

Final Words

We hope to see some more interesting political and social commentary by the makers of the show. Christine’s brilliant acting is the cherry on the top of the cake. The plot of the new season will most likely pick up from where they left it in the finale of season four. 

If you have any unusual thoughts on this show, share it with us in the comments. Besides, you can follow us for more entertaining content. Stay home, stay safe. 

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