The Equalizer 3: Why The Creators Are Not Looking For The Third One? Updates

The equalizer 3

I know you all are waiting for the Equalizer 3 to spark with full lights on our screens again, right?

But do you know what the creators have said about this drama? We have covered each and every detail related to the third installment, but for knowing that you need to be with us till the end of this article.

Hoping you guys are ready to jump into the World of Equalizer, if no then make yourself ready 🙂

Starting with this old dialogue from The Equalizer movie, just for refreshing our minds 🙂

“The Two Most Important Days In Your Life Is The Day You Were Born And The Day You Find Out Why.

The Equalizer 3

The Equalizer is an American drama. The movie is directed by a very famous name  Antoine Fuqua. The very first part of the movie is released in 2014. The film has got a number of good reviews from the critics and audience as well.

The complete story revolves around the main character named Robert McCall, who is a former Marine and DIA operative. He did one thing which surprised everyone, Robert faked his death. Robert used to work as a Manager in Boston, where he lives. His life is a bit stressed with his life that he isn’t able to sleep properly at night. One day McCall meets a girl named Alina, who is a prostitute teenage.

The story is a bit interesting with a number of ups and downs in the life of McCall, how he manages to live, and a lot more.

The fans love this drama very much, even the creators are happy with this, that’s why they released the second installment but for the third one, they are not sure. Maybe this time the equalizer three is not their cup of tea or maybe they are out of ideas.

Before giving the answers to the following ones, let’s have a look at the ratings and reviews of the previous parts.

The Equalizer 1 Ratings And Reviews

The IMDb has a rating of 7.2 stars out of 10. Great

Great movie

MR_Heraclius22 February 2020
Really great action sequences, with some nice violent ends, and a very interesting story that almost feels like it starts in the middle, leaving you guessing about his past. It kind of has a very John Wick feel to it, but maybe slightly less over-the-top crazy.”

Denzel Washington save the movie

pedroborgesThe thing that makes this film watchable and cool are Denzel, sure there is a history, and overtop one, but also with feelings.

The Equalizer 2 Ratings And Reviews

The second part has given 6.7 stars out of 10, which is generous I think for the second part.

Very slow and predictable

Cshafkat-790413 August 2018
I had my expectations high because I was very impressed with the first one. Unfortunately, this one is a bit of a disappointment owing to the pacing and predictability of the story. It was slower and boring. If they decide to make a third one then they should make it a bit more fast-paced.”

“Same mud, same blood”

Preserves the spirit of the first one while telling its own story. This is a good new chapter and all I was hoping for.”

Is There Any Official Release of The Equalizer 3?

The second part of the movie was released on 17 July 2018, it’s been a complete 2 years since the fans are waiting for the third installment to be released soon. But maybe the fans would remain upset because there are no chances of the release, not a single hint is given by the officials for the part three release.

But some of the fans are predicting that the movie would in front of us in the year 2022, just an estimation from the fans towards this amazing fantasy.

I promise to update the relevant information in our article soon when we get the official statement and if you are new here then please bookmark our site for the latest trends and updates.

Cast And Crew For The Equalizer 3

The Movie is not confirmed yet, but maybe in the future we will see the Equalizer 3, but now the question is who are the featuring ones?

Umm, maybe the cast remains the same as we have seen in the previous movie, if this happens then the cast will be as mentioned below.

  • Michele Dotrice
  • Robin Hardy
  • Vanetia Barett
  • Emily Woodward
  • Russell Hunter
  • Britt Ekland
  • Ingrid Pitt
  • Anthony Valentine
  • Christopher Lee
  • Diane Cilento
  • Billie Whitelaw

I know this is not the exact crew information, there may be some new characters will also see in the movie.

What About The Equalizer 3 Official Trailer?

Season 3 is not confirmed yet but maybe confirm in the future so you guys need to be patient for that. If this kind of situation ever happens then we will love to update the relevant information in this article.

Till then you can enjoy this video and refresh your favorite Equalizer movie.

The Equalizer Famous Dialogues

  • They Killed My Friends And Now I am Going To Kill Each And Every One Of Them And The Only Disappointment Is That I Only Get It To Do Once.

The Equalizer 3


  • “This Is The Point Where I Usually Give You The Chance To Do The Right Thing

                But Not Tonight.”

  • “When You Pray For The Rain You Gotta Deal With The Rain Too.”The Equalizer 3
  • I THink You Can Be Anything You Want To Be.”

“Maybe In Your world Doesn’t Happen That In Mine”

   “Change Your World.”

The Equalizer 3

  • “What Do You Want, I Want The Head Of The Snake.”

  • “I am gonna Kill Each And Every One Of You.”

The equalizer 3

The Dialogues are cool, right? Want to add more to it, then tell us your one favorite dialogue in our comment section below, we would love to enjoy that.

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Bottom Lines

The above article is completely inspired by the Equalizer and its third installments, we have a cover a number of things in this article like the official release, star cast and crew, and some previous reviews just to make this article informative for our readers if you have liked our efforts then let us know in our feedback section below.

Still, if you have any query related to the Equalizer, then drop your query in our comment section, we would love to clear this as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Is The Equalizer 3 canceled?

A-Well, one of the actors from the movie stated that “there will no third installment but this statement is not revealed by the creators, so maybe the creators will renew the movie again for the fans, who are waiting for this movie for the last two years.

Q-Where you can watch The Equalizer?

A-Those who are wondering where to watch The Equalizer, then you can go on the following platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, and even on Youtube and Google play as well. The previous two movie series are available on the platforms to stream online, but for the third one, you have to wait for the release date.

Q-What is the exact release date of The Equalizer 3?

A-The exact date is not revealed by the creators even though the confirmation of the third installment is also not done by them. There may be the chances that the third installment is not working or even canceled.

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