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campione season 2

Waiting for The Campione season 2 from a long run? Want to know what is going to happen in the life of Hisaku Yoko,

“Listen carefully, this is what I believe. Possessing great power without a sense of responsibility is just as culpable as committing crimes! With great power comes great responsibility, and with it, noblesse oblige!”

A life-changing dialogue by the Campione, now jumping to season 2 to know everything that we have covered in this.

Campione Season 2

Campione is a Japanese Light Novel series written by Jō Taketsuki and illustrated by Sikorski. The series is published by Shueisha. The series is adapted from the very famous Manga collection.

The novel focuses on the story of a girl named Kusanagi. Kusanagi is a former middle school basket player. The organization forced her to get retire due to the injury.

The story is good and even loved by the fans very much that the fans want season 2 from their heart, what about you?

Release Date of Campione Season 2

The Campione Season 2 is going to be released sometime in 2020 or in 2021, the delay occurs due to the anime shows has lined up for the rest of the new year.

Who Will Be Cast In The Campione Season 2?

In the second part, we are going to see Erica playing the role of Hisaka Yoko and Lilina as Kitamura Eri meanwhile Yuri Hanazawa as Kana and Ena as Saitou Yuka. There is not much cast revealed by the creators.

Ratings Campione

Everyone used to check the ratings, what about you? If you love to check the ratings and reviews then this section is for you definitely.

The Campione has given this a total of 7.0 stars out of 10 whereas it has scored 7.1 stars out of 10 by Anime List.

Audience Reaction On This Drama

This is definitely an anime worth wasting your time over! Campione! needs to be given a lot more credit and worth than what a lot of people are making it out to be. For example, The story is amazing, it doesn’t really start off slow and it gets straight to the point of what the story itself is all about.

The story can be confusing to some but, through watching more episodes, everything starts to make sense and unfold helping the viewer to understand. The characters in this anime are acted out amazingly!

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Is There Any Trailer For The Campione Season 2?

No, there is no trailer for the Campione installment second at this time because the release date is not confirmed, once the date gets an exact confirmation, then we will get the trailer in the same month of the dispatch.

Fan Favorite Lines From The Campione Season 2

  • “All you have right is a strong power. Yes, a god stronger than anyone else, but just a wilful monster. You cannot be called a hero in this state. I don’t consider a guy a hero with just power alone! This is why I don’t want to obey and feel no need to kneel. Any objections?”

  • “I will make this oath now. I, I will not allow anything that cannot be cut to exist in this world. For this sword of mine, is the invincible blade that cuts down all without fail!”
  • “May his spine be crushed; his bones be broken, tendons are torn, hair ripped from his skull; may his blood, spilled over the earth, be churned into a bloody froth. I shall become one who buries fangs into the sinner’s flesh, that the will of the Lord be followed: Thou shalt be purged!
  • “Listen carefully, this is what I believe. Possessing great power without a sense of responsibility is just as culpable as committing crimes! With great power comes great responsibility, and with it, noblesse oblige!”

So, do you loved the dialogues? What about adding more to add, wondering, how to tell us your favorite dialogue in our comment section, and we would add a few of them in this post 🙂

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Final Words

Season 2 will be going to release in 2020 at the end or in 2021, the creators haven’t told the exact release date at this point of time there is no exact date. When we get the dates then we will update the relevant information in this post for you.

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