Texas on Red Alert: Governor Greg Abbott Declares State of Emergency in 23 Counties

Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Texas and storms is an old rivalry. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the natives of Texas have been warned about the two hurricanes that are approaching 23 counties of the state. Governor Abbott has declared a state of emergency in 23 counties on Sunday. Hurricane Marco and Tropical Storm Laura are expected to hit the coastal areas of Texas this week. 

“As Hurricane Marco and Tropical Storm Laura approach Texas, the state is taking necessary precautions to protect our communities and keep Texans safe. I urge Texans in the path of these storms to plan and heed the guidance of their local officials. The State of Texas is working with local and federal partners to monitor these storms and provide the resources our communities need to respond.”

 – Governor Greg Abbott official press release

The National Hurricane Center has reported that Marco will impact the coastal areas with a maximum wind speed of 75 miles/hour. It’s been classified as a hurricane by the Center. 


The Center says that Hurricane Marco will be reaching the coast of Louisiana on Monday. The citizens have been warned that this storm will bring intense winds and several inches of rainfall throughout the coast of southern United States.

On Sunday, the storm was spotted approaching the mainland. It was almost 400 miles south of Lafayette. 

The coastal areas of Louisiana and Texas should expect incoming floods due to waters from the coast moving dry inland due to the powerful storm. You can expect a rise in the water level anywhere from 2 to 5 feet, with some places getting six feet.

Whereas, Storm Laura will be reaching Louisiana and Texas around Wednesday. It could be a stronger hurricane than Marco. Hurricane department is still unable to find out the trajectory of the storm. Speculations are it will hit Beaumont, TX first. 

When Storm Laura struck Haiti this weekend, it took the lives of more than five people. The Dominican Republic was also on its trajectory, where two people have succumbed to death. 

Governor Greg Abbott has warned the state authorities to stay alert and prepared for the in-coming disaster. You are advised to stay alert if you live around the coastal region of the Southern United States. You can watch his press conference below.

We will keep you update about the Hurrican Marco and Tropical Storm Laura on Mangum Star News. Follow us for latest news.

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