TCL 6-Series with Mini LED: Here Is All You Need To Know!

TCL 6-Series with Mini LED is the leader of its kind.

The latest TCL 6-Series R635 is still a shining example of a low-cost TV.

The 6-Series contrast is improved by the use of Mini LED technology.

And the AiPQ Engine does an excellent job of upscaling HD content.

Overall, it’s a terrific value even though the motion handling is still not perfect and the LED-LCD TV isn’t the brightest.

The older TCL 6-Series 2020 QLED (R635) is still a fantastic deal even though it has been replaced by a brand-new 8K TV model.

Holistic Review!

The TCL 6-Series 8K TV (R648), and a new 6-Series model for 2021 (R646).

The TCL 6-Series R635 is a 4K Roku TV with a starting price of about $650.

It employs Mini LED, a technology that is frequently found in TVs.

That cost three times as much, as well as a Quantum Dot filter for more vivid colours.

The outcome? The 6-Series is more vibrant, brighter, and free of even the slightest indication of haloing or light leakage.

TCL 6-Series with Mini LED

It’s the first TV to include THX Certified Game Mode for 1440p/120Hz gaming.

And it’s constructed in a novel way to conceal your cords.

Yes, the 8K TV still has better brightness and four times as many pixels.

But if you’re looking to buy a TV to stream Hulu or binge Netflix without going over budget.

This is the 4K TV that we’d suggest for you.

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Price/Availability: TCL 6-Series with Mini LED

In August 2020, the TCL 6-Series R635 went on sale.

It comes in three sizes, including a 55-, 65-, and 75-inch variant that costs $649, and $899.

And $1,399, respectively, here in the US.

The 6-Series is special because, despite its low price, it has features you’d only find on TVs that cost twice as much, making it a fantastic deal.

The full-array Samsung Q80T QLED TV and the LG Nano 90.

Both of which use different types of quantum dots to improve colour accuracy.

Perform fairly similar to this year’s TCL 6-Series in terms of performance.

However, the 6-Series R635 is $300 to $650 less expensive than either choice and uses the user-friendly Roku TV.

Design: TCL 6-Series with Mini LED

Design-wise, the TCL 6-Series has a lot going for it (just look at its Mini-LED lighting).

But it’s not quite an artwork in the same sense as Samsung’s The Frame.

Although it might seem like a potshot, the 6-Series R635’s LED-LCD screen is quite clunky and can’t compete with an OLED’s ultra-slim design.

TCL 6-Series with Mini LED

The TV’s practically bezel-less design is quite adaptable despite not being exceedingly thin.

The TV’s legs can be linked to the outside corners of the device for more stability.

Or they can be spaced closely together to fit on a smaller table or stand.

Speaking of the legs, this year’s innovation is the ability to weave cables into the legs themselves.

Resulting in a less disorganised area that is wire-free.

There is a good selection of ports when you turn it around. Ethernet, four HDMI 2.0b connections.

One of which supports eARC, an AV In port that accepts the typical composite (Red-White-Yellow RCA) input, USB, and optical audio are all included.

Useful TV (Roku TV)

The TCL 6-Series R635 utilises Roku TV, a fair and extensive smart TV platform.

With a fair search capability and most of the popular streaming apps, the same as prior models.

The search feature is crucial, especially if you’ve ever used an Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV.

Both of these streaming devices would much prefer that you utilise their auxiliary services rather than any of the ones offered by third parties.

Roku doesn’t force you in any way you don’t want to go.

Because it has no affiliations with large streaming services.

Save from a hazy agreement to put FandangoNow on the OS’s main screen.

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Performance: TCL 6-Series with Mini LED

The performance of the TCL 6-Series has improved significantly this year, particularly in the black levels, contrast.

And lack of haloing that you may have noticed on earlier versions.

All of this is due to the revolutionary Mini LED lighting technology.

Which achieves near-perfect black depths alongside dazzling highlights by using thousands of LEDs rather than just a few hundred.

TCL 6-Series with Mini LED

The peak brightness is a little less than that of other QLED TVs that do not use Mini LED.

Such as the Samsung Q80T or Q90T, the Vizio P-Series Quantum X, or even TCL’s 8-Series.

Which we measured to have a peak brightness of over 1,300 nits last year.

Sound The TCL 6-Series’ audio quality is excellent.

Although you won’t be able to hear the intricate intricacies of classical music.

Or the expansive soundstage of a 5.1 surround system, you also won’t be bothered by the noise level.

Two 8W speakers mounted on the frame focus more on mids and highs than ear-shaking bass.

The Sony X950H, which we examined a few months ago, uses 10W or even 20W speakers.

So this is a little less than some other TVs, but the sound quality of the 6-Series left us with few complaints.

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