Tamra Judge Wants To Film With Ex-Husband If She Returns To Show

Tamra Judge from RHOC says she wants to film scenes with her ex-husband, Simon Barney, if the producers invite her back to the show for season 16.

Tamra Judge wants to film with her ex-husband, Simon Barney, if Bravo takes her back on The Real Housewives Of Orange County. After Tamra was fired in 2020, the show took a hit in the ratings and forced producers to re-examine the cast lineup. But recently, rumors about Tamra’s return to the show swirled on social media. Bravo has been toying with the idea of recasting some old favorites, including Heather Dubrow, who has officially signed on for season 16. Tamra has expressed her willingness to return as well.

Tamra and Simon entered the show as a happily married couple in season three. They displayed their affection in bizarre scenes, including an iconic moment on a boat when Tamra fondled Simon in front of family and friends. Other housewives like Vicki Gunvalson seemed jealous of their relationship, resenting the closeness the couple shared. But the image of Tamra and Simon’s picture-perfect marriage unraveled in season 5 when viewers witnessed an unending stream of arguments. Though the couple divorced in 2011, their issues were far from over. A battle over custody turned into a years-long nightmare for both of them.

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The two, however, are finally friends again. Tamra recently shared on Side Piece with Melissa Pfeister that she wishes to film with her ex-husband Simon if the producers bring her back on RHOC. In the interview with Pfeister, Tamra expressed, “I would like to be able to go back and show that side of our relationship, because I feel like he forever gets a bad rap because he was on the show and he was uptight . . . He was never a horrible guy, he was just very conservative, and none of it made him comfortable. I think now it would be a little bit different to see a softer side of him.”

Tamra Judge

In 2020, Tamra spoke about Simon’s cancer after he discussed his diagnosis publicly. The 55-year-old wanted to share his story so he could be an example to others. He said he learned a lot from the journey and believed everything happened for a reason. Simon also hoped his optimism would help anyone going through a similar situation. Not long after Simon’s disclosure, Tamra explained that his diagnosis forced her to re-evaluate her own priorities. The situation, though dire, allowed the entire family to be close again.

Many fans of The Real Housewives Of Orange County wonder what season 16 might look like if Simon steps back into the show. Soon after their divorce, Simon disappeared into the shadows, leaving fans without a sense of what happened in his life. If the producers ask Tamra to re-sign her contract, the possible scenes are endless now that the exes have mended fences. Perhaps we’ll see all of their children again, this time as young adults. Over a decade has passed since Tamra’s family of five shared the screen.

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Source: Side Piece with Melissa Pfeister

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