Tales of Demons and Gods Season 4: Released, Here You Will Get to Know Everything About the Trailer, Cast and Plot.

Tales of Demons and Gods Season 4

What will you do if you will get a second chance to live life again? Many imaginations and incomplete goals come to our mind whenever we thought of such a condition.

We would want to recreate the best memories, want to correct many of our mistakes, and want to save many people whom we loved the most. An anime based on the same thought was aired on television and became popular among the people.

Yao Shen Ji is the supplemental name of the fantastic anime series Tales of Demons and Gods.

Tales of Demons and Gods consists of 4 seasons with a total of 248 episodes.

It was first aired on 9th May 2017 and the last episode was aired on 27th September 2020.

Season 4 consists of 52 episodes right now from a total number of 121-172 episodes and is still in continuation. Season 4 Episode 1 was telecasted on 8th April 2020.

Tencent and Bilibili are the producers of the series.

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Action, Demons, Adventure, Romance, Martial Arts, and Fantasy are the genre of the series Tale of Demons and Gods.

8 minutes is the duration of a single episode.

Tales of Demons and Gods Season 4

The Plot Of The Anime Series Tales Of Demons And Gods Season 4:

Nie Li becomes the strongest one among all the Demon Spiritualist and is standing at the highest point of the martial world. In his past life, he was so weak that he was unable to protect his home. After working very hard and with determination, he stood out of the league and became very powerful.

In the clash with the Sage Emperor and six deity-ranked beasts, he loses his life and dies. But a second chance is given to him to protect his home as his soul was brought back to life at the time when he was 13 years old. He was the weakest one in the class among all and didn’t have any sought of precious talent. He had only a red soul realm. As he gained much knowledge in his previous life, he uses it here and adds all the knowledge in his training. Due to this, he trains faster than anyone else unexpectedly. He also decides to help to train faster all the ones who lost their lives or got defeated in his previous life. He also decides to help all the noble people who got killed without any reason.

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His ultimate goal was to protect the city from the coming demons and the beasts who came last time and destroyed the city at the end and killed many people as well. He aimed to protect his family, friends, lover, and all the citizens who got killed without any reason and became the prey of the powers of all the demons and the beasts. His goal was also to punish and destroy the sacred families who betrayed the city, ran away from their duties, and got merged with the demons just for sake of their advantage in his previous life.

In season 4, Ye Xiu’s gift is accepted by Nie Li. To establish the Wanmo Demon Spirit Array, he gets to settle in the main palace of the city. The Dark Guild then calls the Demon Night Flame so that he could attack in the palace and have a fight with them. All the families and friends together fight against the Demon Night Flame along with Nie Li. In this battle, Nie Li wins the fight along with all the others against Demon Night Flame but gets badly injured.

After winning, Ye Zong manages to arrange a party so that he could take care of his adopted son, Ye Yang. On the other hand, Nie Li brings Zi Yun Ning to the party. Ye Han challenges Nie Li for a fight due to his dissatisfaction but loses the battle. With such humiliation and hatred, he unlawfully joins Shen Xiu so that he could take advantage of others.

Tales of Demons and Gods Season 4

In a short duration, Nie Li successfully launches the Universal Array so that he could easily enter the world of the Black Prison. He accidentally discovers the presence of a Demon Master as well, by finding a mysterious inscription that was inherited from Emperor Kongming.

What About The Next Season Of Tales Of Demons And Gods:

Tales of Demons and Gods next season is not announced until now. Bilibili has not yet announced the release date of the next season. But the story is still left incomplete, so there is going to be the next season.

The Cast Of The Anime Tales Of Demons And Gods Season 4:

  • Nie Li’s voice is given by Zhang Jie
  • Ye Ziyun’s
  • Xiao Ning’er
  • Du Ze’s voice is given by Takehoti Koyasu
  • Lu Piao
  • Xiao Yu’s voice is given by Yumi Toma
  • Duan Jian’s voice is given by Zhang Jie

Tales of Demons and Gods Season 4

Trailer of Demons And Gods Season 4:

You can watch the trailer of Demons and God season4 on youtube.

Rating Of The Anime Tales Of Demons And Gods Season 4:

7.46 is the rating of the anime Tales of Demons and Gods in my anime list.

It is ranked #1710 by the audience in My Anime List.

Where Can We Watch The Anime Tales Of Demons And Gods Season 4:

You can watch it on other websites also or can download it from different websites or apps and watch it offline.


“Tales of Demons and Gods” has completed its 4 seasons and soon gonna be back with 5th season.

Fans can watch it from the above links and are waiting for the next season as well.


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