Taiwan : Dentist Ordered to Pay $750K by supreme Court to her mother

TAIWAN : Supreme court of Taiwan has ordered a dentist to pay around $750,000 (approx. 223 Million TWD) to her mother as reimbursement.

The man known by his family name as chu, should pay the money as per the contract he made with his mother 20 years ago.

The mother is said to be divorced her husband in 90’s and has raised the two brothers on her own. She made her sons pay the agreement that they must pay 60% of their income to her as she feared they’d abandon her in old-age.

The mother identified as Lo, said that her sons had been started ignoring her after they both had been in relationship with their girlfriends and she also added that their girlfriends threatened no to disturb her sons.

Lo filed a case in Supreme court eight years ago and since the son was adult while signing the agreement, hence the agreement is valid and Chu must pay her mother as he is capable of paying his mother.

Taiwan is making laws that can jail adults who abandon their parents, the law isn’t passed yet. But it might just soon pass.




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