How Is The Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4? Explained!

What Is Calibre E4 Watch?

The Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4 is a gorgeous smartwatch with computing power that gives snappy performance and the ability to be updated to Wear OS 3.0. It is available now for purchase.

What About Its Design?

First, learn about Tag Heuer’s new smartwatch line. The 42mm Connected Calibre E4 that we photographed and reviewed here, as well as a 45mm version with the same technology but a little different look.

It’s nice to have a choice of 42mm and 45mm models in the Calibre E4 range after the single 45mm Connected Calibre E3.

The E4 is still made of stainless steel with a ceramic bezel, and there is no titanium option.

Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4

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However, given on previous experience and wearing the 42mm model this time, I’m convinced that the smaller smartwatch will suit most individuals.

The 1.28-inch screen is perfect, it slips under shirt cuffs, and the sleek pushers and modest crown give it a truly elegant appeal. In the photographs, it’s on my 6.5-inch wrist.

I presented it to a buddy who dislikes the existing smartwatches’ size and weight. He thought the shape, size, and design were the best he’d seen.

That’s the reaction you want. With the right watch face, it has the typical Tag Heuer style without being ostentatious or cheap.

The 416 by 416-pixel screen makes the most of the Tag Heuer watch faces.

The 42mm Connected Calibre E4 is available with steel, rubber, or leather strap.

The rubber one on my review model is comfy but becomes hot and has no “give”, so I have to wear it rather tightly or it doesn’t rest correctly on my wrist as intended.

I do like the folding clasp, which is easy to adjust and looks stylish. Its distinctive design instantly identifies the smartwatch as a Tag Heuer.

Tag Heuer supplies a range of appropriate straps for the Calibre E4 starting at $200.

The mechanical feel of the pushers adds to the quality, and the rotating crown aids in the menu navigation. In addition to the Tag Heuer emblem, the bezel is positioned under the crystal, allowing touchscreen use.

What About Its Style?

The Connected Calibre E4 is a stylish, sleek, and well-built smartwatch that doesn’t lose sight of what makes a Tag Heuer watch desirable.

But was I different? The Tag Heuer name has cachet, and the sapphire crystal is warm and enticing to touch.

I adore the way it looks and feels when I close the famous clasp on the strap.

What About It Connectivity With iPhone and Android?

For the first half of my Caliber E4 experience, I used an iPhone 13 Pro.

It happily reconnected to the iPhone without my intervention, whether I had switched off the watch overnight or gone out of range.

It was easy to live with, just like the Apple Watch, which isn’t usually the case with other smartwatches.

But connected to iOS. It’s quite basic. You get notifications but can’t interact with them.

Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4

There’s no answering to emails, like tweets, or responding quickly to messages.

However, you can download apps from Google Play, and use Google Fit, and the Tag Heuer software from the Apple App Store is stylish and feature-rich.

But it requires Google Wear OS on your iPhone, so it’s app-intensive.

I liked the watch connected to iOS, but I missed the deep integration and the variety of fantastic preinstalled apps and functionality.

In comparison, the Calibre E4 lacks automatic handwashing timers, noise level alerts, and fall detection.

However, the experience has improved with time, and basic functionality is fine if you’re satisfied with it.

I used the smartwatch with an iPhone first, then an Android phone. Google has reduced the setup process, and the device is ready to go in minutes.

In addition to Wear OS, the smartwatch requires Tag Heuer’s app.

When connected to an Android phone, the Connected Calibre E4 can do much more. A premade answer is an option for communications that can be sent to a group of people.

You need your phone to do anything with an iPhone, but with an Android smartwatch, you can do a lot more. It is more convenient and useful.

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Regardless of whatever phone it was linked to, notification dependability was moderate, with some coming and others not, and some appearing in the notification list but without an alert.

Even with the haptic vibration alert set to “Long,” the Calibre E4’s modest sensation is easily missed.

The Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4 tracks your exercises with Google Fit or Tag Heuer’s Sports app.

Rather than focusing on Google Fit, I chose the Tag Heuer Sports app for this evaluation because it is both prettier and better suited to my needs.

Tag Heuer Sports records jogging, walking, golf, swimming, cycling, and general fitness activities.

It starts quickly, displays data clearly, and allows interaction via the case’s pushers rather than only the touchscreen. It also offers an animated workout plan for all fitness levels.

The app measures heart rate, calories, duration, and fitness zones, and estimates rest time on the results page.

The software shows a map, adds speed and separates data when tracking a walk or run. There’s also Tag Heuer’s complete Golf app, first seen on the Modular 45 Golf Edition.

Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4

When I reset the watch, the data was still there, which may be useful for people who frequently switch phones.

What Are Other Features?

Using the Apple Watch Series 7 to track walks and overall fitness revealed significant heart rate differences.

While the Apple Watch routinely overcounts heart rate, the Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4 consistently undercounts it.

Neither are medical equipment, but history indicates the Calibre E4 may require a software upgrade to match the Apple Watch’s heart rate statistics. It also reduces calorie burn.

The watch’s strap may also impair heart rate accuracy.

Does It Has ECG?

Tightening it up on your wrist to increase the heart rate monitor’s contact with your skin takes some trial and error. To be secure, it must be quite tight.

The Calibre E4 does not measure blood oxygen or ECG.

The Calibre E4 is perfect for tracking casual activities like workouts, daily steps, and golf. Because it lacks a comprehensive sensor array, it can’t provide meaningful insight, perfect precision, or a wide variety of workouts to track.

But Tag Heuer should be commended for the Sports app, which looks great on both the watch and the phone and works well.

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What About Its Software Performance?

The Calibre E4’s performance has been flawless. It runs successfully on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100+ CPU with Google Wear OS 2.34.

Apps load swiftly, Google Pay payments are simple, and GPS tracking when exercising is rapid.

Tag Heuer says the Connected Calibre E4 will get a Wear OS 3 upgrade later this year but hasn’t specified when.

Even with Bluetooth headphones connected, the wristwatch cannot make or receive calls. Whenever I receive an incoming call, it notifies me to take it on my phone.

It Has Lithium ION Battery!

Using the watch’s wireless charging stand, it takes 30 minutes to reach 50% and 70 minutes to fully charge.

The stand has a bright Tag Heuer emblem on the front and the watch is held in place by strong magnets. It’s oriented to be used beside your bed, and the watch’s display is set to ambient.

The battery would last two working days with one 45-minute workout logged without GPS if I switched off the smartwatch between midnight and 8 a.m.

Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4

With GPS enabled during a workout, a recommendation to enter power-saving mode came late the second day, when the battery was 10%.

I’ve only had the Calibre E4 for about ten days, so I can’t comment on battery life, however, I did find it lasted slightly longer while connected to an iPhone than an Android phone.

Overall, battery life isn’t great, but it’s comparable to other Android smartwatches.

What About Affordability?

The model in our images is the cheapest. The Connected Calibre E4 42mm with a rubber strap costs $1,800 (£1,500). Other variations include a leather strap for $1,900 and a metal bracelet for $2,000 (around £1,650).

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