T-Mobile to Stop Support for Phones That Don’t Support VoLTE

T-Mobile to Ban P

Recently, we have heard about a big decision T-Mobile is about to take regarding the push for VoLTE technology. As per a report published by Android Police, T-Mobile is pushing for rolling out newer technologies, which means phasing out the older ones. 

Sometime back, AT&T sent emails to the customers claiming that they need to upgrade their phones to keep using the network of AT&T. If you look at what AT&T did to the customers, you can understand that T-Mobile is planning to do something similar. 

T-Mobile: What is VoLTE? 

If you don’t know what VoLTE is, it’s okay. Not everyone is supposed to have the technical know-how of telecom networking. VoLTE means Voice over LTE, LTE(Long-Term Evolution). You make phone calls using a 4G LTE network, instead of old-school technologies like 2G or 3G. 

LTE allows you to access a high-speed internet connection, high-quality calls over your smartphones and other IoT and wearable devices. That’s the simplest definition of VoLTE. If you want to know more, you can read it here

T-Mobile: Details on VoLTE Decision

It’s not just T-Mobile that is looking forward to removing the phones from its network that don’t support VoLTE. Verizon is also planning to do the same with its customers. Verizon is planning to shut down its 3G network. 

No official action has been taken as of now., the 3G network will be off from the service by the end of 2020. 

It also doesn’t activate phones that aren’t compatible with LTE. The official comment is yet to come out by T-Mobile. Still, a leaked internal document by Android Police makes a few things bright and raises many questions. 

Here’s the snap of that document:

Source: Android Police

Final Words

T-Mobile needs to avoid making the same horrible PR move made by AT&T. AT&T sent emails to many customers with a big, bold heading with the caption: ‘’UPGRADE NEEDED.’’

Many customers panicked due to this email. They thought they would have to buy new phones in the middle of this pandemic. However, AT&T forgot to mention that the customers who are using phones that are not compatible with VoLTE, need not upgrade their phones before 2021, or even 2022. 

AT&T is planning to end the 3G network in 2022, that’s when some phones will stop working. However, there’s plenty of time for that. 

Make sure to check out if your smartphone supports 4G VoLTE or not. Even if it doesn’t, don’t worry. You can talk to customer support or telecom service providers to reassure yourself. 

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