T-Mobile to offer 5G internet connection to kids for free

T-Mobile Project 10Million

T-Mobile was recently in the news because it will stop support for the phones that aren’t compatible with VoLTE. Along with that, the company announced its ongoing merger process with Sprint.

Last year, John Legere, who was former CEO of T-Mobile, announced that they are working on a project that aims to provide free 5G broadband connectivity to the 10 million low-income families of the country. It’s working on providing the free internet to kids across the country to close what they call “the homework gap.” 

T-Mobile has put aside a massive budget of $10.7 billion for its ‘Project 10Million’. They will offer this free internet to the kids who belong to low-income groups of the country. 

“The Un-carrier is once again going to force change — this time by focusing on doing the right thing for those most in need and deserving of reliable wireless service. With the 5G network, the New T-Mobile is set to build. We’ll ease the burden of tight budgets for ALL of our nation’s first responders through our Connecting Heroes Initiative … give MILLIONS of our nation’s kids the access to fast, affordable, and convenient internet that they deserve through Project 10Million … and deliver more for less through the lowest priced T-Mobile plan we’ve EVER had — T-Mobile Connect. We are READY to do this and hoping this deal will close so we can get to work!” 

  –  John Legere, former CEO and President, T-Mobile, in an official press release

The plan aims to help students with an internet connection, so they don’t fall behind in schools. The pandemic has forced us to teach and learn virtually, which increases the need for a good internet connection across the country more than ever. 

If you want to avail of the benefit of this project, your school administration can contact T-Mobile by applying for it. Your school can provide ZIP codes for the students who are beneficiaries of the school lunch program.

The schools can distribute devices and hotspots to the eligible students, while T-Mobile will provide technical assistance to set up the devices. Under this project, you can get a free hotspot with 100GB of data for a year. If you want to pay for the service, it is up for 100GB monthly data with $12/month.

Right now, the data is offered with a limit. If students are using Zoom, YouTube, and other video-streaming apps intensively for studying, the data may not be enough for them. Besides, the resolution of video-streams is set to 480p. 

The note also suggests that the plan shuts off the connectivity once you either cross the 100GB limit or 365 days are completed, whichever comes first. 

Nothing is ever perfect, right? This project by T-Mobile is better than letting kids struggle academically due to no access to the internet. 

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