Super Mario Bros. 35 to come on Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Bros. 35

Are you a Nintendo user? Do you like playing Super Mario Bros.? Then we have good news for you. Nintendo is turning your favourite Super Mario Bros. into a 35-player battle royale game. The game will be called Super Mario Bros. 35.

However, it will be available for playing since October 1 only to Switch Online users. 

You can Super Mario Bros. 35 to have similarity with another Switch Online game Tetris 99. The game allows 35 players to play the Mario levels until the final player remains undefeated. The game has a setup that throws your defeated enemy to play another player.

A complete display allows you to see what’s going on with your 34 opponents while playing the game. You can see who’s having most coins, least coins, and who’s trying to attack you. You can use the coins to get power-ups during the game.

However, this is not the first time Mario is getting a battle royale edition. Earlier a fan-made version allowed 75 players to play at a time. The game was not appreciated by Nintendo and got removed. 

The sad news though is that you can only play Super Mario Bros. 35 from October 1 – March 31, 2021.

Super Mario 3D World 

Although you can’t play Super Mario Bros. 35 for more than six months, there’s another good news – Super Mario 3D World. Yes, Nintendo is bringing the game to Switch. It will be available with enhancements. The original game is marking its 35th anniversary. To celebrate it the game will be coming on Switch. 

The game was released in 2013 for Wii U. You can go through various levels with friends. There’s a cat-like skin that gives the look of cats to Mario and Luigi, and they can climb or scratch just like a cat. You can expect the game to come out on February 12, 2021, on Switch. You will also get a bonus content called Bowser’s Fury on Switch. 

Another good news from Nintendo that Super Mario 3D All-Stars is coming on September 18. Various Super Mario game versions are expected to arrive on Switch this year. 

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