Suicide Squad Comics Reveal How Dead Movie Characters Can Return

The Suicide Squad movies had a high body count, and DC Comics has just revealed the perfect way to bring back dead Task Force X members.

Spoilers ahead for both The Suicide Squad and Suicide Squad #7!

The Suicide Squad comic has revealed the perfect way to bring back dead cast members in the films. Both Suicide Squad movies featured high body counts, and in Suicide Squad #7, on sale now in print and digital, the films’ comic book counterparts travel to Hell—and readers see the perfect way to bring back the dead.

Task Force X, better known as Suicide Squad, is a governmental task force comprised of some of the worst criminals in the DC Universe, headed up by the iron-willed Amanda Waller. Suicide Squad handles dangerous missions in exchange for their freedom. Knowing she is in charge of villains who could make a run for it at any time, Waller places a small bomb in the skulls of members that she can detonate if they get out of line. Between these bombs, and the highly dangerous nature of their missions, the team has a predictably high casualty rate. This translated over into both films: 2016’s Suicide Squad and 2021’s The Suicide Squad. Both movies saw a number of prominent characters killed, including Captain Boomerang and team leader Rick Flag in the latter. While Boomerang, Flag, and the rest will more than likely never be seen in the movies again, Suicide Squad #7, has shown one way in which they could. The issue is written by Robbie Thompson, with art by Eduardo Pansica, inks by Julio Ferreira, and colors by Marcelo Maiolo.

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The team has just returned from Earth-3 and is readying for the next mission. Waller appears to them as a hologram and tells them they are literally going to Hell to retrieve the Rock of Eternity before teleporting them there. The team fights their way through Hell’s hordes, only to find themselves confronted with the “Hell Squad,” a group comprised of former Suicide Squad members killed in the line of duty—and they have sworn revenge on Amanda Waller.

The Hell Squad challenges Suicide Squad

Since a large number of Suicide Squad members die in combat, with many having the bombs in their heads detonated, it’s fair to say they have an ax to grind. These former Squad members have found each other in Hell and come together to get revenge on Amanda Waller. If a future filmmaker wanted to bring Captain Boomerang or Rick Flag back to the DCEU, then the Hell Squad may be the perfect way to do this. Not only would it give an avenue for these characters to return, but it could also set up a conflict similar to the one depicted here; essentially Suicide Squad vs. Suicide Squad, which would make for a great movie.

The Suicide Squad – both the comic and film versions – have high turnover rates, which makes using certain characters over and over difficult, but now DC has provided the perfect excuse to include past members from beyond the grave.

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