Strike The Blood Season 2: Plotline| Release Date And Updates!!

Want to know the latest and fresh details regarding the Strike The Blood Season 2? If, so then in this, we have everything you wanna know about this anime but make sure to read the article till the end!!!

Strike the blood season 2

Nowadays everybody admires animes more than cartoons which is the exclusive reason we ordinarily talk about animes.Today from the stack of Manga series we have picked up Strike The Blood Season 2.

As stated above the anime is an adaptation of the Manga Series of the identical name which is composed by Gakuto Mikumo and illuminated by Miyako.  The first season of the anime airs from October 4, 2013, to March 28, 2014, with a total of twenty-four episodes which are pretty good to watch.

The love from the fans urges the originators to execute a sequel in just two years. The second season was released on November 23, 2016, with a total of eight+ two special episodes.

The narrative is astonishing, this time also. Let’s talk about the plotline first for those who haven’t watch the anime yet.

The Plotline of Strike The Blood Season 2

In the first season, we have seen Kojou Akatsuki who is a mediocre school student. Kojou used to live on Itogami Island but his life changes when we meet a vampire. The story recapitulates in another season and originates from a marine resort.

Motoki was there and desire his crew to be there also but his squad is not together like earlier. Every individual is diligent in their own life. Kojo and Asagi were working in a booth meanwhile Yukina and Nagisa are also separated from the squad.

Moreover, the Motoki’s Gang united together in the following episodes in order to fight against the demons. A lot of ups and downs comes in the life of Yukina, Azama, Asagi, and Kojo. In the last episode, we see Shio is in the lead and disobeying the Azama.

One day the gang is resting in the cabins under the mountains and Azama appears there and told them about the plan in order to get rid of the demons and devils. Kojo refused, this makes Akama very angry. In anger, he vanished Kojo in the void of a node but a shield made by Koyomi. This shield saved the life of Kojo. At the end of the story, a twist arrives Asagi finds out about the Forth Progenitor and the existing twist is that the fourth progenitor is Kojo.

Moreover, the central old personas are there in the anime with remarkable new characters and new voice artists. Nao Toyama and Yukiyo Fujii are added to give the voice of Yume Eguchi and Kira Kisaki.

Strike the blood season 2

Followers Views After Watching “Strike The Blood Season 2”

  • I honestly really enjoyed this anime. I’m so glad they are coming out with a season 3. I was caught up with the story and not once got confused.
  • There are multiple things that made this anime good, for one, the explosion/collision sound effects. I don’t know how to really say it, but it has a different feel than any other anime’s sound effect.

  • This is Strike the Blood, and we know how STB works before. I just want to tell you why we need to watch this OVA. Maybe someone disappointed with the first OVA, so I can tell you what this OVA did to me.
  • There are many cute, beautiful, and hot girls there.
    Ok, I can tell this is one of the best harem anime. but.
     Added 2 heroines per arc –
    I thought it was too much. Although STB always did this.

Official Teaser For The Second Installment

You can enjoy the secondary season’s small clip here-

Wrap-Up Lines

If you are willing to watch the anime then you can watch it on Netflix and Crunchyroll. Not only this you can also buy or rent the show on VRV. Two more seasons are released after the second one. Presently the anime has a total of four seasons which all are good to watch.

Have you seen all four seasons? If so then you can go for some similar animes like The Chi Season 4, Prison School Season 2, or can simply visit our home page for more-

Well, it’s time to end the post, want to ask us anything regarding the Strike the Blood season 2? Then comment down your doubts for an immediate solution.

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