Strike Back Season 8- Vendetta: All The Latest And Fresh Updates Are Here-

Strike Back Season 8 is the final season of the Strike series added by the creators. In this, we have everything about the show and it's eight part.

Strike Back Season 8

Strike Back is an American Drama that is a complete inspiration from the Novel, Strike Back by Chris Ryan. The show debut for the first time on 12 August 2011 which displays a successful hit by Sky One.

At the time of the second season, Cinemax decided to work with Sky Networks and determined to co-produce the series from their side. The recent season airs on 14 February 2020 but the eighth installment comes with a heartbreaking title “Strike Back Season 8: The Final Season.”

This corresponds to a simple line that “there won’t be Strike Back series again” which might be a tad-sad for the dedicated fans but we have an abundance of things to go with Strike Back. Let’s start with the plotline of Strike Back 8…

Storyline For The Strike Back Season 8

The seventh installment ends with the bomb incident of Kuragin and Zharkova. Both of them carried the bomb and handover it to the Dormant Islamist, who is from the opposite side. The story completed in the eighth installment which is a bucked full of twists and thrills.

The story starts from the kidnap scene, an Albanian family kidnaps a scientist from his working place. The dissolution of scientists is responsible for the development of a top-secret British bioweapon, wondering about what “bio-weapon” is? It is basically a living cell that may be in the form of an organism, bacteria, virus, or a single cell which is quite enough to cause massive destruction.

So in order to stop the buyers of virus and bringing down its effects. Twenty soldiers are sent for a mission. Now all of the twenty have only one major goal in their life that is to save the locality from this massive virus and treating the conflict.

If you haven’t seen all the ten episodes of Strike Back season 8, then I must recommend you to watch them to know about the impeccable plotline. You can stream the Strike Back on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime videos.

Cast And Characters of Strike’s Eighth Part

In the main lead, Daniel MacPherson is there playing the role of Sgt. Samuel Wyatt with Warren Brown as Sgt. Thomas- Mac in short and commonly McAllister in the reel. On the other hand, Alin Sumarwata as LCpl, Jamie Bamber as Col- Alexander Coltrane, and Varada Sethu as Manisha Chetri is also the central lead of the story.

Meanwhile, other supporting actors in the eighth installment are-

  • Ivana Milicevic as Arianna Demachi
  • Goran Bogdan as Edon Demachi
  • John Michie as Sir James Spencer
  • Yasemin Allen as Capt. Katrina Zharkova
  • Alec Secareanu as Zayef Hiraji
  • Maxim Baldry as Loric Demachi
  • Lucy Russell as Dr. Helen McCluskey
  • Lorraine Burroughs as Carolyn Fortier
  • Branko Djuric as Vironi
  • Nina Senicar as Elvanna
  • Dukagjin Podrimaj as Rudi
  • Tomi May as Jovan
  • Marjan Radanovich as Sluchevsky

Strike Back Season 8

Back Season 8- Official Teaser

You can experience the endorsed promo of the eighth installment here-

Wrap-Up Lines

This amazing spy comedy is now needed by the creators after the season’s 8 aired. Now the show has eight seasons and around seventy-six episodes which are about 42-48 minutes long and currently available to stream on Netflix Or Amazon Prime Videos.

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Now it’s time to end the post, let’s cherish our old memories in the end with this dialogue-

“You and me, people like us, we have to fight for everything every last fucking thing.”


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