Stranded Season 2 Updates You Shouldn’t Miss

The Stranded Season 2

The streaming giant Netflix is known to feature amazing international programs with different languages. One such show is The Stranded, created by Christian Durso. A Thai series that revolves around the lives of privileged and entitled teens who are trapped in an island. 

A Tsunami destroyed the island, and these students try to find their way to survival. Kraam and his father survive the Tsunami along with 35 of Kraam’s classmates. The episodes are moving, and the performances are honest. The IMDb rating of the Stranded is 6.3. The scenes are pretty intense, and the fans seem to love the locations with a strong storyline.

Stranded Season 1 Plot

Young man Kraam (Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote) goes to a prestigious high school on the island but is one of the few people who live there. On the last day of school, he plans to move to Bangkok to pursue higher studies, and the rest of his classmates are supposed to leave by 6 PM.

But Kraam’s buddy Joey (Oabnithi Wiwattanawarang) pulled some strings, so a bunch of their classmates can stay and have a party for the lunar eclipse, and a massive tsunami hits the island.

Stranded Renewal And Release

Season 1 earned enough popularity and wrapped up with a cliffhanger in the finale episode with an earthquake. The fans are expecting Season 2 to be more thrilling and exciting. Season 1 was aired in November 2019. 

The next season is expected to release in mid-2021, as the production and filming of the series have been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. 

Fans are eager to finally find out what happens to the island and the characters after the earthquake, who survives and dies. However, Netflix is still to confirm the release dates of the series officially.

Season 2 Storyline And Plot

While we don’t know what might hit us in the next season, all the main characters are expected to return in the new season.


Fans are excited to know what happens to teenagers and whether or not they survive another disaster. Stay tuned with us for more such updates on the latest TV shows and movies.

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