League of Legends Exclusive Podcast to Launch on Spotify

Spotify-Riot Games Deal

Podcasts are an integral part of the internet now. Earlier our mediums were limited to television and radio broadcasts, but now the picture is changed quite a lot. You can almost watch or listen to anything on your smartphone.

Radio talk shows and commentaries are still popular. Still, there’s one new medium that is taking over the internet with lightning speed – podcasts.

With the rise of streaming applications like Spotify and iTunes, you can listen to any podcast while doing daily activities. And you don’t need to read an explanation on what happens when an esports talk show meets the internet – an esports podcast.

Recently, Spotify has been quite aggressive when it comes to bringing all the good podcast creators on its platforms. Now, Spotify is looking forward to dominating the esports niche. Riot Games and Spotify are making a deal to create a League of Legends audio content hub on the app.

The app will also create an exclusive podcast related to the game.  They are starting with launching one show Untold Stories: Top Moments from Worlds. The podcast includes nine episodes that will cover upto the tenth championship of League of Legends. It will include cool stuff like sound effects, interviews and highlights.

There will be two independent playlists to cover the game. They are also planning to organize a Worlds Anthem Day on the platform. Anthems are songs that are released by Riot every year before the annual championship competition.

To the sceptics, it can be an incredible deal. However, it’s a sensible business move from Spotify to capitalize on the fame of League of Legends game’s music. If you pay a visit to the YouTube channel of the game, your doubt will get resolved.

They have created a separate playlist for the music alone, which has over 21 million views. You can see the game’s official account on Spotify having 155 million listens to top tracks.

The deal is a perfect opportunity for Spotify to attract gamers and music creators on the platform. With the first domino falling, it can lure gamers and gaming companies to make Spotify for releasing their audio contents.

Since it’s an exclusive deal with the company, and over a hundred million viewers watching the championship of 2019, we are sure that Spotify will be able to monetize easily on this deal in the future.

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