SportsBetting Market Legalized: American Gaming Association


Big news coming out from the panel of American Gaming association “they have legalized sports betting market” and now anyone can bet on sports games in 22 states including District of Columbia but in a legalized system.

Formerly, sports betting market was illegal because of failed endeavor but now, American gaming association president & CEO bill miller said

“The protection of the integrity of the competition is central to the interests of the entire sportsbetting ecosystem. The federal prohibition on sportsbetting was a failed endeavor that we shouldn’t replicate. Instead, we should work together to further eliminate the pervasive illegal market and support experienced regulators whose oversight protects the interests and integrity of all involved.”

Yesterday there was special hearing in front of federal legislators where legalization of sportsbetting market has announced the need of the hour.

Now, all of this is possible because of the steps taken by Bill Miller, the chief executive officer of the American gaming association.

Now a few questions arise about why there is a need for legalization of sportsbetting? And how the Association will check on the illegal activities and what penalties will be there for the culprits?

On the answer to all these questions, CEO bill miller said

“The AGA strongly opposes any additional federal regulatory framework that supersedes state and tribal sports betting policy,”

He added, “Instead, the primary role of the federal government should remain enforcement against the illegal marketplace, which represents the most meaningful solution to help ensure the integrity of sports.”


Here is the time to answer the above question.

The need for Legalisation of Sportsbetting

The main reasons behind the legalization of sportsbetting are: –

  1. It will keep away the participants from corruption by not involving the illegal betters.
  2. It will also help in keeping the competitions and tournaments or games away from corruption and make competitions more competitive and healthier.

Now one more good news for the sports wagers is that Bill Miller has also urged Congress to reverse federal excise tax of 0.25%.

How the Association will Check on the illegal Activities?

This process is in the pilot phase right now but will be finalized as we go with the time.

Moreover, American Gaming Association will also testify that how can they detect the unlawful activities to stop and put them behind bars and also to increase professionalism in all formats of games which includes lower to higher levels of sports in the country.

Now is the time to answer the other question which was in our mind.

What Penalties will be there?

For this, few points are kept. And they are: –

  1. There should be max. the federal penalty for match-fixing if anyone caught.
  2. Reverse a federal excise tax to keep it away from corruption.

Final Word

All in all, this is a good step taken by the association for the sports players and to keep sports neat and clean. But there are also a few things we need to take care of and that stays away from illegal betting.

So, that’s all about the topic. What’s your suggestion regarding the legalization of sportsbetting – is it good or bad? And can the US govt or American Gaming association stop illegal activities around the betting?

What could be the steps taken for stopping culprits? Also, advise us the penalty in case the American gaming association finds anyone guilty.

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