SpaceX Travelers Behnken and Hurely Returned Safely to Earth

SpaceX team landed safely

The astronaut duo of Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley have safely returned to the planet after spending slightly over two months in space. They had been living in the International Space Station since May 31. They have landed on the Earth at 2:48 PM ET. Their SpaceX Dragon capsule landed in the Gulf of Mexico.

The capsule splashed off the West coast of Florida. Their journey is considered a historic one for the United States because it had been almost ten years since the last crew took off from the Earth, using a spacecraft from the United States.

The pair was launched into space on May 30. For the first time, a crew of NASA astronauts traveled to space using a commercial company’s spacecraft, instead of space agency’s.

This trip to the International Space Station is remarkable. Now they will be operating six more launches in the future. These flights will take crew and cargo to the ISS. The first flight from these six launches is scheduled to take off in September and the second one for Spring 2021.

Surprisingly, Megan McArthur, wife of Behnken, will be flying to space. Behnken has stated that “she’s quite excited for her SpaceX journey.”

Hurley and Behnken had started their SpaceX mission from Cape Canaveral from Florida on May 30 and joined the crew of three members on ISS on May 31.

The journey is considered a milestone for the United States and SpaceX, as it has started an era of commercial flights to space. There are many private players who are waiting for their first commercial journey to space. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has started one such company named Blue Origin, it is yet to achieve the traction like SpaceX though.

On August 03, they spoke about the journey to the space station with the media. You can watch the video here:

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