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Space Jam 2

I know you have waited for Space Jam 2 for the past years, but now the wait is over. The Space Jam is now coming with its upcoming part but when? We have covered everything we know so far about this, if you want to know them too, then make sure to read this article till the end.

Let’s get started 🙂

Space Jam 2

Space Jam 2 also known as the New Legacy, the very first movie was released in the year 1996 by an American animated sports comedy film. The movie is directed by Joe Pytka.

The story revolves around a boy named Michael Jordan. Jordan always wants to go to A university named Carolina Chapel Hill in order to play the basketball championship to spark his career.

The story revolves around his journey, how his father tells him what to do or not, and how he met with the Looney Tunes, the film is complete yes if you love the cartoons and the human’s interactions.

The Film also has some of the characters from the Looney Tunes, I know everyone is obsessed with the tune and with its characters, I know. I love daffy the most, what about you. Jumping to the Space Jam sequel which is going to be launched soon, we have also mentioned the exact release date in our article but to know that you need to be with us.

Space Jam 2 Release Date

The fans are waiting for this since the first movie released, while some of them think that it is canceled by the officials, but the truth is the Space Jam second sequel is going to be released on 16 July 2021.

“I know it’s is the relaxing news for the Jam’s fans, right? Now you must be wondering where to watch Spac Jam 2? If so, then continue reading we have covered that too.”

The Space Jam is also available on Amazon Prime Videos and on Netflix too, but its first part was released on HBO. Maybe this time the same happens the movie will be dispatched from HBO and after the release, it will be uploaded on the other streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

You can also check this video that we have mentioned below just to refresh your mind with the Looney tunes and Space Jam 🙂

Cast And Crew of Space Jam 2

Craving to know the star cast of the Space Jam second installment? if so then let me introduce you to the star cast of this sequel but before that let me tell you my personal favorite character from the Jam.

“Too bad you can’t practice getting taller, boys.” 

Do you know who said this? Yes, Daffy The Duck 🙂 he is my favorite character from this, how cute he is 😉

Jumping on the star cast without wasting time.

  • LeBron James
  • Anthony Davis
  • Kyrie Irving
  • Klay Thompson
  • Sonequa Martin-Green
  • Don Cheadle
  • Damian Lillard
  • Jim Carrey
  • Michael B Jordan
  • Eric Bauza
  • Daria Johns

space jam 2

Is your favorite character is in this list? Just like mine? If, yes then tell us who is your favorite character.

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Space Jam IMDb And Other Ratings

I know, everybody used to check the IMDb and other ratings in order to find out the content are worth watching or not. If the ratings are low, everybody used to avoid the content, if you are also the same then the next section is completely for you. We have mentioned some of the ratings from the most common rating guide.

  • IMDb-6.4/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes-43%
  • Common Sense Media-3/5

We have also mentioned some of the few comments from the IMDb users, if you haven’t watched the series before then you need to read them. This will help you to understand The Space Jam better.

How Users Reacted on The Space Jam?

It’s got game

Op_Prime25 September 2000
“Space Jam is a very enjoyable movie featuring probably the most popular cartoon characters ever. The plot may seem rather weak to you and me, but let’s not forget that this movie was made for children.”
“Space Jam has all the humor of the classic shorts that made us love Bugs, Daffy, and all the rest. Michael Jordan actually wasn’t that bad in this movie, considering he is not a professional actor. Bill Murray was very hilarious. Thumbs up on this one.
“That’s all folks!”

Great movie

“I don’t understand how the overall rating on IMDB is 6.4 when the lowest review score I have seen is 7… Anyway, it’s a great movie for kids and it’s one of the best basketball movies of all time period.”

Ridiculously fun!

“Don’t overthink this and it is a great fun ride! It has a plot involving aliens, Michael Jordan, Looney Tunes and Bill Murray having a great basketball match for heaven’s sake!
The animated and human characters mesh well.”
“jokes are mostly funny and unlike Shaq, Jordan can actually act! One of the movies I can and have watched over and over again over the years and it never fails to put a smile on my face! Definition of “dumb fun.”
Want to share your reviews too, if yes then go ahead comment down your honest opinion on this drama, if you have watched the series before.

Is There Any Official Trailer For Space Jam 2?

I know you are waiting for the Space Jam 2 just like the other Jam’s fan. But sorry to tell you all that there is no official Trailer but here we found a good claimed video that has about 1 million views.

The videos are defined well with some Good Jam’s scenes and a little prediction. Watch this and tell us, what do you expect for the second part of the movie.

Best Dialogues From Space Jam

  • “Maybe there is no intelligent life out in the universe after all.
  • “- Larry Johnson: Y’know, maybe there is nothin’ wrong with us, maybe it’s just in our heads.
    – Muggsy Bogues: Yeah, we’re all right. It’s just some psychosomatic deal or something to do with the alignment of the Moon or another planet.”
  • “- Michael Jordan: Someone has to go to my house and pick up my basketball gear.
    – Daffy Duck: To your house? In 3-D land?
  • “- Bugs Bunny: we need your help!
    – Michael Jordan: Yeah, but I’m a baseball player now!
    – Bugs Bunny: Right. And I’m a Shakespearean actor.
  • “Mommy, I don’t want to go to school today. I wanna stay home and bake cookies with you!”

Bottom Lines

The article is completely inspired by The Space Jam 2, whose releasing date is on the production table and will going to be aired soon. I know many of you are thinking that the second sequel is canceled because it’s been a very long time since the first installment released.

The release date is giving a sigh of relief to the Jam’s fans, what about you?

We have tried to make this article informative. If you like our efforts then let us know in our comment section below, Or still if you have any queries related to the second installment then ask us directly at our mail or in the comment section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-When do Space Jam 2 coming out?

A-The Space Jam second is going to be released in the year 2021 on 16 July. The fans are waiting for this for a very long time and why not wait for this worth watching movie. The movie has all our favorite looney tunes characters like Lola Bunny, daffy, and many others. The movie is completely inspired by the sports comedy.

Q-Is Space Jam 2 cancles?

A-No, the second sequel is not canceled but it has taken a bit long time, more than expected for releasing the second installment. But I think we need to be happy with that, the release date is near that is in the year 2021.

Q-Who will be in Space Jam 2 this time?

A- Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving, and Klay Thompson are some of the characters, who are going to be seen in Space Jam 2. But for LeBron James, it is not clearly confirmed that he is going to be seen in the movie or not.

Q-What is going to happen in Space Jam 2?

A-The very first part is based on the sports comedy in which a boy named Michael Jordan wanted to go out from the boundary in order to progress well in his sport, Basketball. Later he finds the characters of the Looney Tunes, befriended them and the whole story continues.

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