South Park Season 23: All 10 Episodes Details And Story line

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South Park Season 23

South Park Season 23, one of the longest shows having more than three hundred episodes, in this article we are going to talk about South Park season 23 and the plotline of its all 10 episodes.

Make yourself ready now we are going to jump into South park, hope you don’t leave us alone in our journey 😉 just kidding be with us till the end to know these interesting plotlines and what happens in the last episode of the South-Park.

Let’s Begin 🙂

South Park Season 23

South Park is an American animated show by the animated sitcom. It was premiered on Comedy Central on September 25, 2019, and continues to December 11, 2019, at this period the airs about 10 episodes.

The South park twenty-third is the longest-running show which has three-hundred episodes, isn’t it a huge amount? The fans are in love with this series but as we all know everything has its pros and cons, there comes a time when the south park was Banned In China. On October 7, 2019, south park was banned.

This happens at the time of the third episode, it was the dark week for the series because no season was released at that time. But it gets renew again after the apology of the creators.

The Season has a number of changes like traditional theme songs. Six episodes of episode 23 have a story of the arc which is completely focusing on Randy Marsh’s marijuana farm. Do you know what marijuana is? It is a kind of weed.

The theme of this animated sitcom changes according to the episodes like the first three episodes have the same theme, graphics and lyrics are also the same. In the Board, Girls episodes the theme changes completely to the PC Babies.

We are going to give a short description for every episode of season 23, if you want to know the exact information then be with us till the end of this article 🙂

Mexican Joker -South Park Season 23 Episode 1

Now it’s time to tell you about the very first episode that is The Mexican Joker. Mexican Joker has a story, Randy Marsh, as we have mentioned above. Randy’s Marijuana farm has grown up and expanded on this growth of his park Eric complains to Stan Marsh( One of the characters in the animated series).

One day when Randy went to meet and deliver Marijuana to Stephen Stotch, he finds that they are personally working on their own field in order to grow Marijuana. This makes Randy angry, he decided to take action against them.

Randy Fires an application to the South Park city council for banning the private Marijuana farms but his application gets declined which makes him angrier.

South Park Season 23

Band In China -South Park Season 23 Episode 2

It is the second episode of the south park episode twenty-third. This episode is the dark one for the creators because after this the series got banned in China because of the criticism practices.

After this the creator apologies to the Chinese central government saying that “Like the NBA, we welcome Chinese censors into our homes and into our hearts.”

Want to know more about this have a look at this video-

Shots!!! -South Park Season 23 Episode 3

Shot!!! Are you wondering about what does it means? I am wondering this too,

In the third episode, in which Randy is celebrating his milestone of 300,000 dollars or fit in his business. He achieves this amount of money by selling Marijuana Commercially through parades and by television advertisements.

His wife was angry with him because he took the decision of dealing with the Chinese government with her consent and also she finds the deal costly. And on the other side Eric Cartman, who is a fourth-grader, is terrified of the injection, in fact, everybody hates them, what about you? Coming to Eric he refused the vaccines that given under the school premise.

Meanwhile, the above story continues after this how Eric reacted to those injections and syringes.

South Park Season 23

Let Them Eat Goo -South Park Season 23 Episode 4

Now it is time for talking about the season 23 episode forth, in this episode Randy Marsh wants to enhance and boost his profits in his business. He finds an idea to use the discarded(waste) portion of his harvest, he thinks that this will boost up his profits.

I think you should watch this small recap of this season, you would going to love this for sure 🙂

Tegridy Farms Halloween Together -South Park Season 23 Episode 5

The fifth episode of South Park is Tegridy Farms Halloween Together, it is the mid-episode of the south park because the total number of episodes is ten. I think I have talked a lot right? Now it’s your time to tell about season 5 in our comment section if you have seen the episode below.

And for those who haven’t seen this before, here I have a video for you as well. But this is not the official episode it is like recaps. But it is worth watching and you are going to love this for sure 🙂

Have you watched the trailer above? Now jumping to our next episode.

Season Finale -South Park Season 23 Episode 6

The Marijuana Framer Randy Marsh and his partner Towelie are leading as the main charter in episode 6. They both are broadcasting a podcast about the Tegridy farms but when they are doing this police arrived there and take Randy away ith them.

They put Randy in jail because of his behavior he is not talking well with the other for the past few days when he finds the news of personal marijuana farms.

Also, Mayor McDaniels shows the police a video of Randy in which he is blowing the Marijuana farms of others. This makes a more strong grip to put Randy into jail. Randy’s wife and his children are not happy with this news they wanted to return to the back from their farm and wanted to live life happily in the south park.

South Park Season 23

Boards Girls -South Park Season 23 Episode 7

Board Girls is episode 7 of the south park. In this, the theme and the song both change completely even with the lyrics. The show opens with a song that is dedicated to the PC babies, who are the politically correct quintuplet children, they are living in the south park.

A competition is announced by the school principal of the PC. You can watch this video which is based on the review of episode 7, Board Girls.

Also, read our article which is completely based on the British Political Drama Better Call Saul Season 6: Critics Reviews, Release Date, And More.

Turd Burglars -South Park Season 23 Episode 8

Turd Burglars is the eighth episode of South Park, in this episode community center Sheila Broflovski become ill rapidly, she begins to vomit uncontrollably. When they went to the doctor they find that she is suffering from a bacterial infection. The Hell’s doctor named the infection as C-diff. This bacterial infection causes illness in her stomach.

South Park Season 23

Basic Cable -South Park Season 23 Episode 9

Scott Malkinson asks his father Clark. His father is a technician for a park country cable. Clark receives a job, in fact, his business is in suffer because of the customer complaints. Clark is a very chill person he used to spend his day in the park eating and bowling.

One day he went to the residence of Stephen and Linda Scotch. There Scotch complained to him about the cable connection and want to replace this with the streaming service. Clark is now realizing that the damage-causing to their business is by the streaming service only. He wanted to solve this issue and decided to regain profits in the field of cable connection, thus the whole story revolves around this.

Christmas Snow -South Park Season 23 Episode 10

Hmm, it is the final episode of South Park the users have mixed reactions with this at once they are happy with the final story and on another side, they’re upset because of the ending. What about you?

Coming to the Christmas Snow, the season 23 last episode is based on Christmas Eve. In this episode our lovely Santa warns people about drunk driving, he wants everyone to understand how harmful is this to drive while you are drunk.

The next day they found that alcohol sales are banned in their locality. After hearing this news many drunkards are upset about this. The streets are empty on this Christmas eve. Now the Mayor is upset too, looking at this situation of their locality. She asks Randy to resume the selling of Marijuana again.

But the season of growing Marijuana is over. Randy doesn’t want to resend them the old products, he then sees the snow falling onto him. This snowfall gave him an idea of “Christmas Snow”.

You Know what Christmas snow is then tell us and other readers below in our comments section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-What is the ratings of South Park Season 23?

A-The south part twenty-third season has got an overall rating of 7.3 stars out of 10. Rotten Tomatoes has given a percentage of 86 from its Tomatometer which means the series is B positive according to them.

Q-South Park Season 23 introduction?

A-The south park is an American animated sitcom series that is created by combined names Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It is the longest-running show of having 300 episodes. Isn’t it bit much but fans are obsessed with this. They are in love with the storyline and animations of this animated creation.

Q-When is south park season 23 coming out?

A-South park was premiered on September 25 at 10:00 P.M. ET/PT on Comedy Central and available to watch on Hulu and South Park Studios. You can enjoy the complete seasons of the south park there. It is also available to stream on Netflix but only for a few seasons.

Q-Where to watch the South Park 23 season episodes?

A-It is available to watch on Netflix but some seasons are available on Netflix. The seasons that are not available on Netflix are available on Hulu. It is also available on HBO.

Q-How many episodes are in south park season 23?

A-South park season 23 has a number of 10 episodes.

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