Sony VENICE Digital Cinematic Camera Review 2022!

Sony VENICE: The Sony VENICE CineAlta 6K Digital Cinema Camera features an adaptable PL or E-Mount, 8-stage built-in ND filters, 15+ stops dynamic range, and a wide color gamut with deep darks but preserved highlights, and LED menus on the left and right sides of the camera.

The new Sony VENICE 2 camera, has “amazing latitude and color rendition.” “The skin tones and color reproduction are truly cinematic. And, despite the fact that it’s an 8K sensor.”

Sony’s VENICE Key Specifications

  • Lens mounts are interchangeable between E and PL.
  • The dynamic range of 15+ stops
  • 8-stage glass ND filter built-in
  • Deep darks and soft visuals
  • On the left and right sides of the camera, there are two menu displays.
  • In-camera XAVC or ProRes recording
  • Color science has been overworked.
  • ISO mode with two bases


CineAlta 6K Digital Cinema Camera

The Sony VENICE CineAlta 6K Digital Cinema Camera (6K with 6048×4032*), the latest flagship of Sony’s CineAlta family, features an interchangeable PL or E-Mount*, integrated ND filters in 8-stages, 15+ stops of exposure latitude, a wide color gamut, and an upgraded color management system.

VENICE’S Look & OverHauled Color Science

When making VENICE, Sony reworked its color science. S-Log3 gamma curve is included, as well as Auto White Balance (AWB) and White Balance 200015,000 Kelvin with Green/Magenta adjustments.

It also exceeds the color space of BT.2020. Sony states that this means the color range is wider than DCI-P3 to produce true color and reflect accurately what you see.

VENICE works well in a wide range of lighting conditions, from bright sunlight to extremely low light. VENICE creates soft images without the harshness that many digital cameras achieve.

The VENICE CineAlta’s image processing produces deep darks while retaining highlights and colors. The original Impressionist painters would approve of the camera name choice since VENICE also delivers smooth and natural skin tones and reproduces true color.

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Filters Included

VENICE streamlines your process by offering the first 8-step servo-controlled Mechanical ND filter solution in the film business. A twin turret structure is included in the 8-stage glass internal filters (each circular turret holds 3 high-quality optical filters). ND0.3, ND.6, ND.9, ND1.2, ND1.5, ND1.8, ND2.1, ND2.4 in 1-stop increments (1/2 – 1/256) are included in the whole list. Filter selection can be made immediately on the camera or via remote control with the required equipment.

When utilizing VENICE CineAlta on a gimbal, aerial device, or underwater housing, and you can’t swap filters rapidly, this new process with filters onboard can help.

VENICE is the first camera of its kind in the world to include a servo-controlled 8-step Mechanical ND filter mechanism incorporated into the camera chassis.



Record XAVC 4K and ProRes to your (2) different media cards on VENICE at the same time.

VENICE can record RAW or X-OCN simultaneously on the optional AXS-R7 Recorder and XAVC 4K internally with a firmware update. Please see the bottom of this Overview for additional information on firmware updates.

A separate license is required to record 6K modes or Anamorphic (maximum resolution 6K Full Frame 6048 x 4032):

  • Permanent Software License for Full Frame (6K)
  • Permanent Anamorphic Software License

You can also buy licenses for specific times to cover your production shoot plan of one week (7 days) or a month (30 days):

  • Full Frame Software License for 7 Days
  • Full Frame Software License for 30 Days

30-Day Anamorphic Software License 7-Day Anamorphic Software License 7-Day Anamorphic Software License
For your convenience, an image showing Sony’s resolutions, frames per second, and required licenses are given.

It’s worth noting that your camera will come with the following features as standard:

  • 3840 x 2160 (22.8×12.8mm) 3.8K 16:9
  • 4096 x 2160 (24.3×12.8mm) * 4K 17:9 4096 x 2160 (24.3×12.8mm)

* With a projected frame rate of up to 60 frames per second, but no confirmation yet

With the purchase of a software license, additional recording options become available.

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Creative Freedom

Full-Frame Full Width 36mm 6K Full-Frame Full Width 36mm 6K (with required firmware update)

According to Sony, the whole 6048-pixel width of the sensor can be used for widescreen spherical 2.39: 1 or Large Format Scope in Full Frame. Full-frame can be employed in a variety of innovative ways, such as allowing for super-wide images or extra shallow depth of focus.

  • Supported Super35 Full Height 2.0x Squeeze Anamorphic
  • With Super35 full height 2x squeeze Anamorphic, VENICE supports Anamorphic shooting and production.
  • Supported Super35 17:9 and 16:9
  • Venice supports both 17:9 and 16:9 aspect ratios natively.

Due to the density of the pixels, your Super35 F55 sensor is visually compatible with VENICE. You should get equivalent coverage if you shoot a scene with both cameras side by side.


Full-Frame CMOS Sensor

The Sony VENICE‘s small size is ideal for gimbal, aerial, handheld, and studio settings. VENICE has a 24.7MP Full-Frame CMOS sensor with a maximum resolution of 6048 x 4032*, while its sister camera, the F65, has an 18MP sensor.

Dual Base ISO Option

Sony VENICE will also have a Dual Base ISO option, which will support a second High Base ISO of 2500. This function makes full advantage of the sensor’s one-of-a-kind design, which provides remarkable low-light performance and dynamic range (from 6 stops over to 9 stops under 18 percent middle gray).

For night exteriors, gloomy interiors, slower lenses, or if content needs to be graded in High Dynamic Range while keeping maximum shadow detail, this new capability offers an improvement in exposure indexes at higher ISOs.

Dual Display

The Sony VENICE CineAlta has a dual display for menu management on both sides of the camera, allowing your camera assistant or DIT to change the shutter angle, ISO, ND option, white balance, and frame rate while the camera operator controls the main camera menu. It’s worth noting that the camera’s left-side display for your AC is slightly smaller but still functioning.

Sony VENICE has identical workflows to your Sony F65 or F55 cameras, as well as the same Rec.2020 color space. VENICE footage captures an entirely different perspective. Venice also has the capacity to accommodate PL or E-Mount lenses when the lens mount is swapped.

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Extension System

The Sony VENICE Extension System can be purchased separately. The Version 3.0 Firmware upgrade improves the functionality of the tethered Extension System, which allows the camera body to detach from the image sensor block.

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