Learn the Truth about the Show’S Prostitutes, Sky Rojo Season 2

Here’s good news for Rojo’s fans, Sky Rojo: Season 2 with an official distribution on July 23 worldwide. One important thing here is the speed of the makers, in just four months they throw another season.

So, shouldn’t something be said about this brand new era? Let’s Roll on! If you love action drama shows then, you can definitely watch this show because this is for you. 

In this show, you can see interesting stories and this show will keep you hooked.

  1. Sky Rojo  is a Spanish action , crime drama television series.
  2. It was created by Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato.
  3. Two seasons of sixteen 25-minute episodes each were announced.
  4. The origin of the country is Spain and the language is Spanish.
  5. The original release date of the series is March 19,2021 – Present

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Summary of Sky Rojo Season 2 :-

Season 1 of Sky Rojo begins with three prostitutes, Carol , Wendy and Gina. They are running away from their pimp, Romeo (owner of Las Novias Club) and henchmen, Moises and Christian. 


Three women together live a remarkable, difficult and chaotic journey together and make their friendship stronger as they go. During all of this, it is shown that they have a better chance of surviving together than splitting up. They tried to live the best of their lives on this journey. And they did.

Sky Rojo: Season 2-Plotline!

The second season of the show, Sky Rojo, is about fighting back. As shown in the first season, three ladies are running for their lives. Running away from pimps, making their friendship stronger. But now they are tired of running away and want to give boys the taste of their own medicine. 

They seek revenge from the three boys. One of the instances shown in the first episode of the second season is that they forced Carol to make a life or death decision regarding Romeo. 

Sky Rojo: Season 2- Character Details!

  • Verónica Sánchez as Coral (a former researcher working for the Las Novias Club and sees it as a way to escape her past life).
  • Lali Espósito as Wendy (a gay woman from Buenos Aires. He escapes from Villa 31 and turns into a sex worker in a massage parlor to bring in money so he can support himself and his girlfriend).
  • Yany Prado as Gina (a Cuban girl who was sexually assaulted at the club under the guise of waiting to hold her young child and her frail mother).
  • Enric Auquer as  Christian (one of Romeo’s partners and Moisés’ younger brother).
  • Miguel Ángel Silvestre as Moisés (one of Romeo’s partners and a longtime Christian brother. He registers the ladies in Romeo and takes them to the club).
  • Asier Etxeandia as Romeo (spy and owner of Las Novias Club).


Guest Actors-

  • Luis Zahera as Alfredo
  • Daria Krauzo as Bambi
  • Alicia Sánchez as Dolores Expósito
  • Yanet Sierra as Gina’s mother
  • José Manuel Poga as Fermín

These are the members of the characters who should all be introduced.

Release Date of the Sky Rojo Season 2 :-

Season 2 of ‘Sky Rojo’ started on July 23, 2021 on Netflix. The second season consists of eight episodes playing 22-31 minutes each.

Series Episodes Originally released
1 8 19 March 2021
2 8 23 July 2021


Official Sky Rojo Teaser: Season 2

For those of you who have never seen this bold teaser of Sky Rojo: Season 2, then you can watch it here with us!

Ratings of Sky Rojo : Season 2

  • It got an imdb rating of 6.5 out of 10.
  • It received a rating of 7.4 out of 10 Rotten Tomatoes.

These are the best Sky Rojo ratings mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Sky Rojo: Season 2


Is Sky Rojo Based on a True Story?

No, the story of the show, Sky Rojo is not based on any real story. They have taken references and watched many documentaries, talked to victims of trafficking, and absorbed it into themselves. It was emotionally heavy to see such sad situations but it was important for the movie and bring reality in front.

How Many Seasons of Sky Rojo Are There?

Currently, there are only 2 seasons of Sky Rojo to watch.

How many episodes is Sky Rojo?

In total, there are 16 episodes to watch including both of their seasons.

Why Is It Called Sky Rojo?

The literal translation of Sky Rojo in French is ‘red sky’. It is exactly where the action of the series is shot. The scene shows the red sky of desert de Tenerife, when the sun goes down.

Is Sky Rojo Finished?

The latest season ends with all three ladies winning. But there is no information on the third season of Sky Rojo. There is a great chance that it will come looking at the demand and the love given to both the seasons.  It is expected to be released in the year 2022 but there is no information regarding renewal.


Final Words :-

So, to end this post by answering the question that might come to your mind, Should Sky Rojo be watched? So, will you watch it? Say “Yes” or “No,” in our comments section, and share your feedback with us, if you find this post helpful.

The creators are well known in their field for having many awards. On the other hand, the Spanish characters portrayed in the film have a keen sense of humor and good sense of humor.

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