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Silicon Valley Season 4 Release Date : Silicon Valley is one of the best Shows created by HBO. It is also one of the most loved shows, The show focuses on the lives of 5 people building a startup in the silicon valley, the show depicts the hurdles they face everyday with the investors and competitors.

Silicon Valley Plot

Richard Hendricks is one of the “Incubee” in a incubator owned by Erlich Bachman, Erlich Bachman let’s these “Incubees” stay in his house which is situated in Silicon Valley and let these “Incubees” build their apps in his incubator in return for a small percentage in their upcoming company.

Richard Henricks creates an app called “Pied-Piper” which is a compression app while working at Hooli he shows his app “demo” to bunch of programmers. The assistants of two billionaire rivals find this app and convince their bosses to buy-out the app. This leads to a bidding war between two companies and Richard Hendricks instead of selling the app to either of them develops the app by himself with his other “Incubees” at the Incubator.

Pied-Piper pivots multiple times from a music compressing company to video chat company and later pivots to piper chat and to a new startup “New Internet”

Silicon Valley Season 5 Updates :

Erlich Bachman played by TJ Miller won’t be returning to the show, The reason being is his role was reduced to 3 Episodes, the producers said that they can get to show him for 5 Episodes maximum. But TJ declined the offer and quit the show.

In an interview with Hollywood report he said “it felt like a breakup to leave the show”.

TJ Miller will be concentrating on his Stand-up from now on.

Silicon Valley Season 5 Release Date

Silicon Valley Season 5 will be released on March 25,2018

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