Significance of BTS’ Presidential envoy and Diplomat Passports explained

South Korea’s ‘pride’ BTS are now offcial Presidential envoy! Bangtan Boys recieved their Diplomat passports on September 14th and BTS ARMY couldn’t be more proud. If you are wondering what is the significance of BTS achieving South Korean diplomatic status, read on.

BTS, as Presidential envoy will join President Moon Ja In for UNGA 2021 (United Nations General Assembly 2021). The group will give a speech on September 20th on ‘SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Moment’ day.

BTS also announced a special campaign for the global youth titled ‘Youth Today, Your Stories,’ urging the young people to share their journey of the last two years with the band and the world.

Significance of BTS’ Presidential envoy and Diplomat Passports

BTS ARMY has been gushing over the fact that BTS has become one of the biggest pride of South Korea and the badge of ‘presidential envoy’ only implies the impact Bangtan Boys have on their own country as well as fpr the global audience.

What is a Diplomatic passport?

Diplomatic passports are given to government officials (speaker of the national assembly, chief justice of the Supreme Court) and their immediate families plus special envoys who have done outstanding achievement for the country.

A user explained, “According to the Enforcement Decree of the Passport Act of Korea, these are the people who can receive diplomatic passports: people in high positions in the govt like the president or cabinet members (or a family member of one), special envoys appointed by the pres (like BTS).”

Check the benefits of having a Diplomat passport below.

ARMY reacts to the proud moment of being a fan of ‘Presidential Envoy’ BTS

BTS ARMY can’t stop swooning over BTS achieving the highest of honors all within eight years of their debut. From a humble beginning to getting the badge of national pride, Billboard’s longest charting group has surely come a long way.

A smitten ARMY shared, “From asking people to watch their concerts for free to being south Korea’s pride and sold out enormous stadiums. BTS is here and there’s no next BTS.”

A second ARMY echoed the thoughts sharing, ‘It’s such an overwhelming day to be words can express how proud I am of my boys @BTS_twt this appointment is of extreme significance and importance for their country..I’m in tears.”

A third ARMY summarized the feeling of all saying, “They never fail to make me so proud of them, “BTS SOUTH KOREA’S PRIDE!””

Watch BTS at UN ‘SDG event’ on September 20th here.

Participate in BTS ‘Youth Today, Your Story’ campaign here.


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