Signia Active Hearing Aids: All You Need To Know About It!

Recently, I wore Signia’s Active Pro gadgets. The devices are a departure from standard in-ear hearing aids, looking more like wireless earbuds.

People who don’t like standard hearing aids may find this form factor more appealing. Get over yourself, as my regular readers know.

Many people have this view, and there are few signs they’ll change. This device has a bright future. It’s an interesting concept, but it’s different from NuHeara’s IQbuds and Jabra’s Enhance Plus.

The IQbuds are wireless earphones with hearing aid capability, while the Enhance Plus and Active Pro appear like earbuds. Is this their deathrock?

More on the app’s Assistant later. Let’s compare the Signia Active Pro to similar products.


Active Pros are unlike their niche competition, as I indicated. Before I discuss my experiences with them, why I thought the Assistant in the app was great, and why I think they’re decent gadgets but wouldn’t wear them, it’s interesting studying these distinctions.


IQbuds are wireless earbuds that connect hands-free to any Bluetooth-enabled phone.

They use NAL-prescribed amplification, directional microphones, and noise reduction. Four-hour battery life is crucial.

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The Enhance Plus uses hearing aid technology for its 17-channel audio processing unit, ReSound amplification protocol, feedback management system, directional mic array, and noise reduction system.

This hearing aid features wireless earbuds and allows hands-free Bluetooth phone connectivity. It has 10-hour battery life.


Active Pro looks like a wireless earphone, period.

It has some great Signia features, but no real wireless earbuds.

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It connects to iPhones for audio streaming and phone calls, but not hands-free.

The 26-hour battery life is excellent. Expect a full day’s use.

They have a lithium-ion battery and a Qi wireless charging cover.

The case provides three 26-hour charges.

So you may charge them and go away for the weekend.

Charger, Devices, Package

The Signia Active Pro’s packaging would look good next to high-end consumer gadgets.

Signia has done this well since the Styletto, and the package is similar.

If you’re paying enormous bills, the packing and design should reflect it.

The charger is stylish, low-profile, easy to carry, and of high quality.

When you open it, the charging gadgets appear fantastic.

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Again, high-quality presentation.

Even with thick fingers like mine, removing devices from the charger is easy.

You can feel the magnet pull when you drop them into the charger.

Sometimes they don’t line up with the charging station, so I have to twist them.

If the LED doesn’t light up when you put it in the charger, it’s not charging.

Signia Active Hearing Aids

You don’t want to miss it and find one dead in the morning.

Small, low-profile gadgets fit nicely in the ear and are unobtrusive.

Indeed! They sat in my ear well without pressing on anything or stuck inside my concha bowl.

I’ll explain why I won’t wear them again.

I used the gadgets with a tulip-shaped semi-closed tip.

I couldn’t stand wearing them for lengthy durations.

I wear RIC hearing aids with open tips, which may seem weird.

I’m used to having something in my ear canals, not bowls.

When I do, it’s only for a few hours.

Signia Active Hearing Aids

Having variable mid-ear pressure causes me to have frequent occlusions.

So, I won’t wear in-ear hearing aids.

It’s not the Active Pro or any other In-Ear hearing aid I try, it’s myself.

These are pleasant earbuds, dear reader.

I had to reposition them occasionally, but it wasn’t difficult.

Without Geoff don’t block my ears syndrome, I’d give them a 9 for comfort.


The Signia Active Pro has 48 processing channels, 20 adjustment bands, and a 12kHz bandwidth.

As expected from a current premium Signia hearing aid, the Active Pro has superb sound quality.

They were clear even in noisy areas.

What About Final Verdict?

Overall, I was pleased with the sound quality and the app’s fine-tuning possibilities.

The app’s options are restricted, although the assistant can modify the sound.

I like the assistant and can see it becoming a significant sound quality management tool.

Signia Active Hearing Aids

Bluetooth/streaming audio

The devices are Made for iPhone, like many recent Signia hearing aids.

These gadgets don’t offer the conventional Bluetooth headset mode that other wireless earbuds utilise for calls and connecting to Bluetooth devices.

The Active Pros aren’t hands-free, so you can’t use a phone-based personal assistant.

This makes me question their intended market.

If your audience wants wireless earbuds with premium hearing aid power, they won’t like the Active Pro.

Active Pro is suitable for someone who wants to hide their hearing loss.

Form factor and a growing niche are the main reasons I mention this.

Signia Active Hearing Aids

People like that niche.

While others offer cheap situational devices.

The Active Pro is an expensive all-day device that lacks usefulness.

They operate well in numerous sound environments and give excellent clarity.

They’re discrete, pleasant, and fit my ear perfectly.

The charger case is great, and not needing a plug for days is great.

If someone notices, they assume they’re earbuds. I guess they work.

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