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Shark Tank Season 11 is a mind blowing series. But all of us wants to know the release date of the series. Here is everything...........

If you like the business reality television series then Shark Tank is the best one. As Shark Tank is a demanding American business reality TV series. I like to enjoy such series the most with some snacks and cold drink.


The series Shark Tank is an American Franchise of one of the International format called Dragons’ Den. In 2001, that was originated in Japan as Money Tigers. Shark Tank reveals entrepreneurs that make business presentations to a list of 5 investors or Sharks. They finally decide to invest in their company. These 5 investors are called Sharks.

Have you enjoyed the previous 10 seasons of Shark Tank?

Haven’t you? Then don’t feel sad as the IMDb rating of the series is given below that surely help you to be familiar to the popularity and demand of Shark Tank Season 11.

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In case if you love the sharks then you will surely like the series. Even after the premiere of the 10th Season, so many viewers (including me) are really excited to watch the next season of the series.

Considering this eagerness or excitement in mind, I am going to write an article that contains all the recent updates related to Shark Tank Season 11 like what story can we expect from the series, who plays the main role in the 11th Season of Shark Tank, when the 11th Season will come, the trailer and more……..

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Shark Tank Season 11

Shark Tank Season 11 is an American reality television series. Initially, it was premiered on ABC on 9th August, 2009.


The series got good ratings in its time slot and won so many awards like the Primetime Emmy Award for its Outstanding Reality Program that come 4 times in 1st 4 years. ABC renewed Shark Tank for the 11th Season on 5th February, 2019

Basically, the show focuses on 5 investors called the Sharks of the show. All the 5 investors plan to invest something to build their own country. They struggle a lot for the good results of their investment.

What Can Be Expected From the 11th Season of Shark Tank?| The Plot

The story of Shark tank Season 11 follows a group of 5 investors who are also known as Sharks. They have to decide whether they have to invest as entrepreneurs just to build some business presentations of their company.


All the investors find themselves weak in a valuation of an entrepreneur of their company, business models or product. Among the 5 investors, some are kindhearted and usually try to make their rejection soft. One of them is Robert Herjavec.

While others like Kevin O’ Leary never show their patience. The sharks are paid as the casting characters of the series. Any entrepreneur can make a handshake deal if the member of the panel is interested. In case all the members of the panel decided, then the entrepreneur leaves without getting anything.

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What Are the Names of the Casting Characters of Shark Tank Season 11?

  • Katrina Lake, founder and CEO of Stitch Fix
  • Daniel Lubetzky, founder and CEO of Kind
  • Maria Sharapova, a tennis player
  • Anne Wojcicki, CEO and co-founder
  • Rohan Oza
  • Matt Higgins

These are the sharks of the 11th Season of Shark Tank that made the series fascinating for all the viewers.

How Many Episodes Are There in Shark Tank Season 11?

There are total 24 episodes in the 11th Season of Shark Tank.


Episodes Title Airing Date
1 “Season 11 Premiere” September 29, 2019
2 “Episode 2” October 6, 2019
3 “Episode 3” October 13, 2019
4 “Episode 4” October 20, 2019
5 “Episode 5” October 27, 2019
6 “Episode 6” November 3, 2019
7 “Episode 7” November 10, 2019
8 “Episode 8” November 17, 2019
9 “Episode 9” December 1, 2019
10 “Episode 10” January 5, 2020
11 “Episode 11” January 12, 2020
12 “Episode 12” January 19, 2020
13 “Episode 13” February 28, 2020
14 “Episode 14” March 6, 2020
15 “Episode 15” March 13, 2020
16 “Episode 16” March 20, 2020
17 “Episode 17” March 27, 2020
18 “Episode 18” April 3, 2020
19 “Episode 19” April 10, 2020
20 “Episode 20” May 1, 2020
21 “Episode 21” May 6, 2020
22 “Episode 22” May 8, 2020
23 “Episode 23” May 13, 2020
24 “Episode 24” May 15, 2020

The Release Date of Shark Tank Season 11

The release date of each and every episode is given above in the table. Shark Tank Season 11 was premiered on 29th September, 2019 and concluded on 15th May, 2020. All the lovers of the series can easily enjoy the series as it was already released.

Let’s start enjoying ……………

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Is There Any Trailer of Shark Tank Season 11?

The IMDb Rating of Shark Tank Season 11

The maximum IMDb Rating of the 11th Season is 7.7 among all the 24 episodes.

Final Words

Shark Tank Season 11 is an interesting business reality TV series. It is based on the story of 5 investors. All the fans can enjoy this series as it was premiered before some time. Let’s start enjoying with full enthusiasm……………


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