Sekirei Season 3: Everything We Know So Far!!! Release Date| Plotline And More

Are you curious to know who will ultimately win the Sekirei Plan? Well, we will see it in Sekirei season 3. Here are updates so far.

Sekirei (Wagtail in Japanese) is a Japanese romantic, fantasy anime tv series based on the manga series having the same title. Written by Sakurako Gokurakuin, it began serialization in Square Enix’s seinen magazine Young Gangan.

It ran for 18 successful volumes from December 3, 2004August 21, 2015. The series focuses on protagonist Minato Sahashi. He is quick-witted but failed college examination twice due to a lack of confidence. His life took a new turn when he met numerous girls with supernatural called Sekirei.

Seven Arcs adapted it as an anime Tv series premiered in Japan from July to September 2008. Viewers highly applauded the fans. Consequently, a second season aired from July to September 2010.

And fans are eagerly waiting for the third installment since then. Well, here is an update regarding season 3

The cast of Sekirei Season 3. Who will we meet?

The showrunners have not revealed the cast for season 2, but most of the cast will return including the main characters. The mains character of the series is-

Minato Sahashi: Minato is a sharp 19-year-old boy and male protagonist of the series. He failed the college entrance exam twice because of his lack of confidence. Due to this, he left his family and lives alone in Tokyo.

His life took an interesting turn when he encounters Musubi, a Sekirei. She makes Minato his Ashikabi. They together fought various battles from other Sekireis to stay alive. Later he becomes the Ashikabi of other Sekirei as well.


 Musubi is the female year le protagonist of the series and a Sekirei. She falls from the sky to Minato’s life and makes him her Ashikabi by kissing him. She and Minato fight several battles from Sekirei to live. She is trained in martial arts and is extremely proficient in closed combats.

Sekirei Season 3.


She is the main character as well. She is the second Sekirei who makes Minato her Ashikabi. People call him “Onii-chan” which means elder brother. She possesses the power to control plants. She is the most childish and does not like to fight at all. She always tries to stops the fight.


She is another main character and the third Sekirei who also makes Minato her Ashikabi Matsu. Also possesses supernatural powers. She is the computer wizard who has control over the network of satellites and spying devices. Using her powers and intellect, she always collects a large amount of information helpful during battles. Matsu calls her Wisdom Sekirei due to her intelligence.

The plot of Sekirei Season 3. What to expect from it?

The series revolves around 19-year-old boy Minato and several Sekirei.
We saw, one-day Misabu, a Sekirei, fall from the sky to Minato. She makes him his Ashikaba by kissing him.

They form a bond and together embark upon a journey of fighting other Sekirei to survive. Later several other Sekirei joins them and make Misabu their Ashikaba. They together form a team and fight rival Sekire to stay safe. On the other hand, Malibu is living a normal life in the eyes of society.

Well, the creators have put the plot for season 3 under the wraps, but we assume that they will pick up from where they left.

The release date of Sekirei Season 3? When will it air?

The showrunners have not given the green light to the second installment of the series so far. The second season ended on September 26, 2010, and nearly a decade has passed without renewal of the series.

Numerous online petitions from the fans are circulating over the internet for the third season. The manga, source material for the anime, ended in 2015 manga and its sequel also began serialization. So, we hope that we will see season 3 soon.

Is there any trailer available for Sekirei Season 3?

The showrunner has not shown the green light to Sekirei season 3. Therefore, we can think of a trailer as of now. We will update here once the trailer arrives.

What is the IMDB rating of Sekirei Season 3?

The series is widely popular and scored a decent rating of 7.4 out of 10.

Where can we watch the Sekirei series?

It is streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video to watch.What is an Ashikabi in the series?

Ashikabi. They are humans with some special genes. They have the ability to become the master of Sekirei. The power of an Ashikabi depends upon the number of Sekirei he has and the bond he shares with them.

What is Sekirei in the series?

Sekirei is a genetically engineered girl who possessed some supernatural powers. They are 108 in numbers. They have to play a game called Sekirei Plan, in which they have to fight other Sekirei to stay alive.

Final Verdict

 The series will introduce you to the supernatural character Sekirei. They are genetically engineered females and are 108 in number. The series is full of humor and romance.

The artwork and graphics are beautiful. The soundtrack is pleasant as well. The storyline is unique, and the advancement of the plot is quite intriguing. It will engage you for hours, and you will not able to take your eyes off the screen even for a second.
If you like supernatural, romantic-comedy anime, then it’s a good option.
Do Tell us, your views about the series in the comment section.


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