Sc Decision: Notice/summons Will Be Delivered via Whatsapp, Email, Fax

New Delhi, July 10 Apex Court  has taken two main decision which you need to know.

1st decision — “Two blue ticks will be consider as message has been read and received by the receiver and will work as a evidence in court”

2nd decision — “If RBI wants they can extend the time to deposite the delayed checks because of lockdown situation”

On Friday The Supreme Court of India, a bench headed by three Chief Justice S.A. Bobde, Justice A.S. Bopanna and Justice R. Subhash Reddy has taken a very important and crucial decision. They understand the importance of Summons and Notices delivery as a necessity for all legal proceedings. And because of Covid 19 pandemic situation, delivering notice and summons via post- offices is not safe for sender and receivers.

So, from now onwards all summons and notices will be sent via E-mail on very same day of Court proceeding along with instant messages through WhatsApp, Telegram, Email, Fax and other instant messenger. Two blue ticks will be consider as message has been read and received by the receiver and will work as a evidence in court.

The Bench of three Judges also decline the request of the Attorney General for being using WhatsApp only as instant messaging services for court work as, they consider it partial with other messaging service.

Moreover, WhatsApp is not allowing to share its client data with any one and data circulated on WhatsApp is not encrypted. So, if receiver un-installed the app after receiving the notice or summon from court, then there will be no evidence to prove whether culprit get the notice or not. These are some common problems in using these instant messaging services.

Along with this decision the Supreme Court also allowed RBI to take required action about the delayed checks, due to lockdown situation.

Senior advocate V Giri who representing RBI informed the bench that he had circulated the note regarding validity of a cheque as directions issued on the previous hearing.

In its reply Apex Court stated “the period of late checks can be extended by RBI only. Under section 35A of the Banking Regulation Act, no one can interfere in the deadline prescribed by RBI. But if RBI wants to make changes under some special condition, RBI can do it. And those alteration will be acceptable by Court”

These two decisions taken by Supreme Court of India will affect our court working in a new way and its deep in future will it have positive or negative impact. As we all know criminals find there ways to cheat and bypass court rules.

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