Saudi Arabia : Cinema Ban to be lifted from March 2018

Saudi Arabia is lifting the ban on cinemas from March 2018, This was a part of the young king’s push for social reform. There will be 300 Cinemas opening from March 2018. This would be the first time people living in Saudi Arabia can legally Watch Movies in Cinemas. Cinemas were banned in Saudi Arabia in late 1980’s

Saudi Arabia has been lifting lots of bans since the new prince took over the kingdom. Recently, Saudi Arabia has lifted Ban of Women Driving and Women Voting in 2017.

Saudi Arabia might also premiere Bollywood movies and Arabian movies, but only after censoring them.

Many investors are already planning to grab this opportunity, Novo Cinemas and VOX cinemas which are most popular cinemas in UAE are considering the opportunity.

VOX said they are working with the governement to introduce VOX in Saudi Arabia.

Many Taiwanese and European Investors are also looking for opportunity.


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