Samsung Galaxy A52 Review: Here Is All You Need To Know!

Samsung is giving the Galaxy A52 and A72 an upscale and distinctive appearance and feel.

The Galaxy A52 has a starting price of INR 26,499 and is equipped with a display with a high refresh rate, the most recent software, a svelte shell that is IP certified, and a versatile camera system.

As reviewers, we go through a lot of different devices each year, so it’s always exciting when we come across something truly original and uncommon. One such model is the Galaxy A52. It stands out thanks to its silky feel and sleek style.

Samsung Galaxy A52

There are no eye-catching gradients, textures, pretentious taglines, or sharp edges; instead, there are only solid colours and a back with a textured surface, from which the camera array rises. This clever makeover ought to appeal to individuals of all ages, but the kids will particularly enjoy it.

A notched AMOLED display that is HDR-compliant can be found on the front of the device. Screen bezels are uniform.

The optical fingerprint sensor illuminates in white light and unlocks the device more reliably than its predecessors in the Galaxy’s mid-range lineup.

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Both a hybrid SDcard slot and a headphone jack are included on Samsung devices. In addition, speakers for the stereo.

This time around, the rating for protection from water and dust is IP67. The outer shell and side frame are both made of lightweight polycarbonate. Gorilla Glass 5 serves as the front panel’s protector.

The Galaxy A52 is pretty to look at and quite easy to take around.

Samsung A52 Display Review!

The AMOLED display is 6.5 inches and is on par with that of the Galaxy F62 and M51. The maximum supported high refresh rate is 90Hz. This makes the animations in OneUI more fluid.

In contrast to Samsung’s high-end smartphones, which offer configurable mode switching, the refresh rate is capped at 90 Hz for the vast majority of applications. We changed to the ‘Standard’ motion smoothness, which is also known as 60Hz so that the game would run more smoothly.

The Natural (sRGB) setting is our preferred option because it is easier on the eyes and produces more accurate results.

This mobile device has DRM L1 certification, which enables it to play content from Netflix, Prime Videos, and other apps.

There was HDR streaming available on YouTube. For the best possible HDR experience, Samsung smartphones’ displays will automatically lock and increase their brightness when they detect an HDR signal.

The text on Samsung’s 800 Nit display was legible even when seen in bright sunlight.

The capabilities and capabilities of the software on Samsung’s Galaxy A52

In India, the Galaxy A52 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G octa-core CPU, which, in light of the device’s price point, seems somewhat old. This chipset is capable of running OneUI 3.1 efficiently.

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The Samsung Galaxy A52 is not a fantastic device for playing games or other labour-intensive chores.

Despite having a display with a frequency of 90 hertz, the performance of Call of Duty mobile was jerky above medium graphics and at a low frame rate.

The default setting was High-High. The performance was significantly improved when the display was set to 60Hz (standard smoothness), and it was then possible to play at High-High settings.

Samsung Galaxy A52

It’s recommended that gamers go with the Samsung Galaxy M51 or F62. The Snapdragon 720G found in the Galaxy A52 should be sufficient for others.

Our test equipment comes equipped with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space. The performance on the benchmarks was a little bit worse than the Realme 8 Pro powered by the Snapdragon 720G.

Samsung A52 Benchmarks

  • Work number 8282 PC Mark
  • Work Computer Writing Version 2.0-7306
  • Geekbench score for a single core: 524
  • Geekbench score for many cores: 1602
  • 1031 3D Mark Wild Life
  • 2581 3D Mark Sling Shot Extreme OpenGL ES
  • Reads at a Random Rate of 126.21MB/s
  • Write Speed at Random: 110.9 MB/s


Strong connections between things. During our testing, we discovered that dual 4G VoLTE and VoWiFi support great call quality.

One 3.1 has a user interface that is both simple and elegant. Samsung is one of the few manufacturers on the market that offers automatic call recording and the NFC payment system Samsung Pay and the Knox security system.

It is possible to remove programmes from third-party developers, and Samsung promises Android system updates for the next three years.

Battery And Sound System!

A battery with 4500 mAh can power a 90 Hz display for 24 hours. If you use your device frequently during the day, the battery can die by the evening, forcing you to charge it in the middle of the day.

Quick charging is not supported by Samsung because the company does not offer a 25W USB PD converter. The 15W adaptive rapid charger operates at a snail’s pace.

It Has Quick Charging!

A 25W USB PD charger charging took approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. It took the 15W charger 2 hours and 15 minutes to charge.

Samsung Galaxy A52

It is important to keep this in mind when viewing multimedia content, even though the two channels are not balanced. The Dolby Atmos presets have a marginal impact on the sound. The wireless audio streaming worked without a hitch.

What About Its Camera?

The optical image stabilisation of the 64MP sensor makes low-light photography better.

There are further components that are comparable to Galaxy F62. 12 megapixels for wide-angle, 5 megapixels for portrait, and 5 megapixels for macro. camera with 32 megapixels pointing forward.

During the day, the camera performs well gently with vivid colours, texture that is faithfully rendered, and satisfactory levels of detail. HDR and the scene optimizer should both be enabled.

It was to be expected that 108-megapixel camera phones would have higher detail.

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It Also Has Digital Zoom!

Although the digital zoom on the Galaxy A72 is only 2x, the device also boasts a dedicated telephoto camera.

The wide-angle camera with 12 megapixels has superior performance to most wide-angle cameras in the middle price range. There haven’t been many significant updates to Samsung’s primary camera.

The optical image stabilisation (OIS) and image processing technologies developed by Samsung enable the Galaxy A52 to perform better in low light.

The presence of noise in gloomy settings helps to give them a more realistic feel. Night mode generally performs well but has trouble in challenging scenes.

Samsung Galaxy A52

The performance of the macro camera was exceptional. Portrait mode differs. Even while Portrait shots aren’t terrible, the Redmi Note 10 and Realme 8 Pro both have superior edge recognition.

The front-facing camera can take passable selfies without requiring excessive processing. In addition, there is a fun mode that includes Snapchat filters and encourages users to download the app.

Final Verdict: Samsung’s Galaxy A52?

The Samsung Galaxy A52 has a wonderful value for its price of INR 26,490 both online and in stores since it has an excellent display that uses HRR AMOLED technology, it looks great, and it comes with great software that will be upgraded for three years.

The price of the Snapdragon 720G is excessive. The performance is satisfactory for people with basic and moderate needs, as well as for gaming at 60 hertz. The camera is one of the best available at this price point.

The Samsung Galaxy A52 shines brightly and is well worth the money it costs. The unique value should attract various user groups.

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