Samsung Releases Its Most Affordable 5G Phone & a New Wireless Charger in the Market

Samsung is pretty serious about dominating the 5G race that has just started in the tech industry. While the world and its economy are still experiencing the hangover from a pandemic that started around February, the tech companies across the world are gearing up for releasing a new range of products into the Market. 

Samsung has announced the arrival of a new range of gadgets for the upcoming future. The announcement was made today at the Life Unstoppable virtual event by Benjamin Braun, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Europe. 

Samsung unveiled three devices today: a “cheapest” 5G smartphone, a new Galaxy tablet and a wireless charger. Samsung claims that its Galaxy A42 5G is currently one of the most affordable 5G smartphones in the Market. Besides, the Trio wireless charger can power multiple devices at a time. The new Galaxy A7 Tab is a treat for tablet fans. 

At today’s virtual event, the Galaxy A42 5G has been announced which is the latest addition to the Galaxy lineup. It comes with a quad-camera setup in the rear side, 6.6-inch OLED screen and black colour. 

Samsung's new products

Another instrument that’s a useful addition to the portfolio is a Trio wireless charger. The feature of this charger is that you can charge three devices at a time. It’s a successor to a wireless charger Samsung introduced earlier called Samsung Duo.

It could charge two devices in one go. However, the news release doesn’t mention the speed of the charger, but it is likely to be available for €99 in the Market. 

Finally, good news for those who enjoy using a tablet over a smartphone. There was a time when tablets or phablets were popular in the Market, but that trend has declined for many years; only a handful of tablets are still making considerable sales.

Samsung has decided to introduce a new tablet for the customers – Samsung Galaxy Tab A7. It comes with a set of four Dolby Atmos speakers and a 10.4-inch size. The price of the devices is still not out by Samsung, but it is speculated to be cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

Addition to the above products, a new Galaxy Fit2 wearable device has been released. Samsung claims that it can go upto 15 days without any charge. You get a 3D glass display and 70+ face options with the device. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can expect usual features like calories burnt, distance, heart rate, sleep analysis and more. 

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