How We Use Rythm Bot Commands? What It is All About?

Discord, the largest and most popular AI-powered Free-to-use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) server available online, allows users to get the best chat experience by using ‘bots’ (or robots) commands.

On the other hand, Rythm is a music bot that can access and play songs from popular streaming services like YouTube and Apple Music. A Discord server with Rythm Discord bots allows you to easily listen, change, and search for songs.

The Rythm Discord bot can also play music, import and export playlists, and queue up your favourite songs for you to listen to whenever you want. All of these features are designed to make your life easier by automating boring or repetitive tasks while maintaining high quality. They are usually free to use but can be paid for extra features.

How to Install Rythm Discord Bot?

If you already have a Discord account, just follow these simple steps to add, set up, and get Rythm Discord Bot.

  • Visit in any browser. This should be fine as long as your internet connection is good.
  • Tap ‘Invite the bot’.
  • You can create an account using your email address. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code to register.
  • Log in to Discord and click ‘select a server’.
  • Verify you have ‘manage server’ permission (check your server settings to grant this permission). This is required to authorise.
  • On the authorization page, select ‘Music Lover’ from the drop-down list.
  • Once you have chosen your server, click ‘Continue’ in the bottom right corner.
  • Check the ‘Administrator’ box. All other settings will be invalid without it.
  • On your server, give Rythm Discord bot the ‘Administrator’ permission for the best experience. This helps Rythm Discord bot play music, sound, and other tasks.
  • Then, click ‘Authorize’ to finish the process.

You must complete the Captcha to authorise and verify the setup. The ‘Thanks for adding Rythm’ message indicates that Rythm Discord Bot has been successfully added to your server.

These steps take only a few minutes. Now you can stream and play music with simple commands. Next, we’ll discuss the Rythm Discord bot commands. These are the most commonly used commands on the Rythm Discord bot server.

Discord Bots Rythm

  • !lay plays a song.
  • !np: Displays the current song.
  • the Rythm bot from the server!
  • Skips the current song.
  • #skipto: any song in the queue
  • !move Moves a song in the queue forward or backward.
  • !rewind: Rewinds the current song to any desired point.
  • !forward: Advances the song currently playing.
  • !clear: Clears the queue song
  • !ping: Pings the bot on Discord.
  • !aliases displays each bot command’s alias.
  • Removes a song from a queue.
  • A music source is searched for an entry.
  • Finds a song on SoundCloud
  • Find a specific point in a music track.
  • !stats: Shows the bot’s stats
  • helps the bot understand your voice commands
  • !loop: Loops the current song
  • loopqueue: Loops the entire queue.
  • Information about donating to the Rythm server.
  • !shard: Shows current shard
  • Removes duplicate songs from the queue.
  • !info: About Rythm
  • !replay: Plays the current song.
  • !settings: This command modifies Rythm.
  • !shuffle: Reorders the tracks in the queue.
  • !invite: Displays invite links
  • !volume: Adjusts the track’s volume.
  • !pause: Pauses the current track.
  • !clean: This command clears the bot’s messages.
  • !lyrics displays the song’s lyrics.
  • !playskip: Adds a song and skips straights to the queue.
  • !playtop plays the top songs in the queue.
  • !queue: This command displays a typical queue of songs. If you have more than one queue, add the page number to the command. (Example: queue 4)

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I know you’ve been waiting! Remember to install Rythm on your Discord server for these commands to work.

Rythm Discord Bot Lags or Fails? Try Out

Rythm Discord is a great tool, but it isn’t perfect. Users report issues like lag or the bot not working occasionally. If this happens to you, here are some quick fixes:

  • Inspect for server-muted bots.
  • Verify the Bot’s permissions.
  • Verify your Bot’s online.
  • Adapt your device’s audio settings
  • Verify you used the correct command.
  • Exit and rejoin

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Usually, one of these options will turn your Rythm Discord bot back on. In some cases, it may be beneficial to apply the steps gradually.

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