Russia to Help Old Confidant Belarus in a Moment of Crisis.

Alexander Lukashenko

It seems that now nearly defunct Union Treaty between Russia and Belarus has become functional as we hear that Russian president Vladimir Putin had a telephonic conversation with his Belarus counterpart Mr Alexander Lukashenko.

Both the presidents have this telephonic conversation for the second time on Aug 16 within 24 hrs. The Russian president has agreed to provide “all necessary assistance” to resolve the security problem and external pressure his Belarusian counterpart is facing in the wake of his controversial win in a contested election.

President Alexander Lukashenko won by 80.1 % of the votes against his counterpart Svetlana Tihanovskaya who got 10.2% of the total vote share.

To augment its support for Belarusian president, Kremlin has made it clear that it will do everything to help Belarus come out of its current crisis under the provision of Union Treaty and The Union State Treaty was signed on Dec 8, 1999, between Union State of Russia and Belarus to provide the economic, political and social security to both the nations.

This treaty allows the citizens of both countries to have the right to settle, work, a study in the other state and vice versa.

This treaty plans to stabilize and harmonize the political and economic differences between the two nations. Russia reassures with military aid if needed under the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO).

The CSTO is described as a Eurasian counterpart of NATO. It’s a seven-member Russian led alliance. Its purpose is to act as a collective defence against an attack on any of its members. A strike or act of aggression towards one member is considered an act of aggression against all members.

With massive protests going on the streets of Minsk after the presidential win of Mr Alexander Lukashenko, it seems the Belarusian president has but little choice other than to take Russian help in resolving his internal matter and consolidating his position again. It is an excellent opportunity for Russia to portray itself as a regional leader in the Eurasia region.

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