Russell Crowe Has a Message for Moviegoers Before ‘Unhinged’: ‘I’m Not F***ing with You’

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Are you ready to step outside with your date or family to watch a movie in the theater? Some websites said that movie theatres are planning to re-open in a few places. The film industry has suffered a lot since the Covid-19 pandemic, that’s why Russell Crowe’s film ‘Unhinged’ is about to get theatrical release.

Some people are excited while some are questioning why it is opening during a pandemic, which has gone out of control in the U.S. According to sources, two biggest theater chains are about to open their doors for movie-watchers this month in the United States.

However, customers will have to follow some guidelines in the theater. Working staff will be tested daily, and nobody will be allowed without masks or hand sanitizer.

Unhinged Film to Premiere in Theaters

Unhinged will be the major motion picture to release in theatres after the re-opening. It is one of the delayed summer films to premiere on August 21, 2020. This news has increased the excitement among the movie-watchers. Recently, the Unhinged star Russell Crowe shared a video message on his Twitter account.

His were a series of PSA style, tongue-in-cheek ominous video clips for the audience. Theaters will reopen soon so he is promoting his forthcoming film. In his video, he gave a straight message for all the moviegoers.

The video was also applauded by filmmaker Edgar Wright. If you are searching for the video and want to watch it, then click on the link below.

Details About Unhinged Film

Starring Crowe, the flick is directed by Derrick Borte. In the film, Russell plays the role of an unstable man, who harasses a young woman in a road rage accident. The movie also stars other casts such as Caren Pistorius, Austin P. McKenzie, Gabriel Bateman, Jimmi Simpson, and many others.

According to the sources, the upcoming movie is a tribute to both Steven Spielberg’s Duel, as well as Joel Schumacher’s Falling Down. Even Edgar Wright couldn’t control himself from talking about the marketing skills of Crowe in his official Twitter account. You can read the post below.


The movie has numerous plot twists, some solid jolts, and much more. It will probably keep you on the edge of the seat, pondering who will the man (Russell) kill next? If you are into outrageous violence and bad guy films, then this film is for you.

According to some websites, Unhinged is speculated to release in your nearest cinema theaters on August 21, 2020.

Unhinged Cast

The cast of the upcoming Unhinged film is Russell Crowe as a mentally unstable stranger, Tom Cooper, Caren Pistorius as Kyle’s mother Rachel Hunter, Gabriel Bateman as Rachel’s son Kyle Hunter, and Jimmi Simpson as a divorce lawyer and Rachel’s friend Andy.

The other cast of the film also includes Austin P. McKenzie as Fred, Michael Papajohn as a Cop, Devyn A. Tyler as Mrs. Ayers, Anne Leighton as Deborah Haskell, as well as Lucy Faust as Rosie.


Let’s see if the flick lives up to the expectations of the fans. Moreover, Solstice Studios’ flagship film has taken around $5 million to get movie-watchers in the United States excited for the film. We will add more articles if we find out more about the new films.

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