Rush Hour 4: Brett Ratner Will Not Direct The Film Because of Sexual Miscondcut Allegations!

In light of the allegations being made, I am choosing to personally step away from all Warner Bros.-related activities." Read complete details.

Rush Hour is an American Comedy movie which is directed by Brett Ratner. The story begins from the period of British Rule(1997).  The whole story revolves around the search of a Chinese diplomat’s kidnaped daughter.

The main leads who are assigned to search her are Detective Inspector Yan Naing Lee and Detective James Carter played by Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

Multiple viewers added that they started watching movies because of the Jackie chain. This might be a reason for the achievement of Rush Hour, what do you think?

Will There Be Rush Hour Season 4?

The first time the movie is released in 1998, the time I wasn’t even born 😉 And do you know what is the best part? It grossed $244 million worldwide which is enough to fill the bank accounts up to the nose of the officials.

Seeing the success of the movie, they decided to make an additional season which came out in 2001 and one more part in 2007. Creator took around 6 years to make a trio- part.

After the three hits, now fans are looking for the third installment but “will it happen?”

Yes! There be a Rush Hour 4 for sure, according to the reports but the dates aren’t scheduled yet. According to the former sets, we can say that there are chances to see the movie in early 2022 but don’t stick with the same! When we get the official dates then we will surely drop them here.

rush hour 4

You can also check some new trending series and movies just in case the “Rush Hour 4” got canceled.

Something About The Rush Hour 4 Cast And Crew-

The show has superb and well-made artists in it that are systematized by the show’s creators and directors. The previous three movies are directed by  Brett Ratner but not this time.

He was accused in 2017  because of Sexual Harassment by Olivia Munn, Natasha Henstridge, and four others. Later on, he proved that the allegations are completely fake.

In a press statement he said-“In light of the allegations being made, I am choosing to personally step away from all Warner Bros.-related activities.” His statement simply means we are not going to see him as a director of “Rush Hour” again.

Also, read- Is Kevin Spacey Alleged For Sexual Assault? (Controversy).

Brett Ratner

Putting Brett aside, we could await to see the Legend of the industry Jackie Chain again in the role of Chief Inspector Yan Naing Lee with his duo-performer Chris Tucker as Detective James Carter.

Not only this, other lead members Max Von Sydow, Hiroyuki Sanada, Yvan Attal, Youki Kudoh, Noémie Lenoir, and Zhang Jingchu. All have the odds to reprise again with their respective role.

Rush hour 4 cast

Where We Can Watch The Rush Hour Series?

All of the three parts are available to stream on the Amazon Prime Videos. If you don’t have any subscription then you can go for HBO, HBO Go, or HBO Now to watch the movies.

And if you are contemplating accessing this on American Netflix, then you have to step your heels back. The movie is not available for the aforementioned platform’s users but you can access this on  Canadian Netflix.

Watch Rush Online For Free-

  • Hotstar
  • ShareTv
  • Tubi
  • CartoonHD.CZ
  • Snagfilms

Is There Any Official Teaser of Rush Hour 4?

Not at all! At this time even the dates aren’t authenticated so how could we jump on the teaser. As a substitute we can enjoy Rush Hour’s 3 teasers, just to do remembrance with Rush.

Last Lines

Rush Hour is the number one North American Box office hit with an earning of $33 million and $140 million dollars regionally with a global gross of 244 million dollars.

The ratings are also good, according to the IMDb score of 60% with an average rating of 6/10 and based on seventy-three reviews which are approximately in the favor of the movie and the same goes with the two reasons. They both secure a commendatory rating with high-grade critics’ response. The fourth one would be a success too. Let’s sit and wait for the release date.

This is it! We have added all the relevant things regarding Rush Hour 4. Now it’s time to say bye to our readers, Hopes to see the same lovely faces again in my next post, till then stay tuned!

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