The GOP Plans to Organize a Virtual Convention

Biden vs Trump

Democrats were the first one to arrange a virtual convention in the wake of the presidential elections of 2020. After semi-successful testing of virtual events by the Democrats, the Republicans and President Trump are ready to organize a hybrid nominating convention of the GOP. The democrats have so far avoided significant-tech glitches during the events.

It will be interesting for us to see how Republicans handle it. On Monday, the GOP will hold Republican National Convention, it will not be a completely virtual event, rather more like a hybrid event – a combination of live-stream and recorded videos.

It will be hosted from Charlotte, North Carolina. The Party is trying to rely more on this model than their rivals did. The roll call is an exciting part of both RNC and DNC. It will be a significant difference between both conventions this time.

Roll call is an integral part of political conventions, in which Party’s delegates from every state vote for the candidate from the Party. Usually, roll call events are quite entertaining to watch, where stadiums get crowded with supporters of their party cheer for their candidate.

Coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of things. Political events are just the tip of the iceberg. The Democratic Party decided to opt for a virtual roll call model. It included the remote video from various states.

In contrast, Republicans have opted for a traditional method. They will have six delegates from each state to visit Charlotte for casting the vote in-person, the total number is 336. The protocol includes candidates wearing masks, maintaining physical distance and having necessary health checks.

Apart from that you can watch the live-stream of the convention or catch it on most of the TV news channels. The virtual or hybrid methods of conducting conventions have their benefits and challenges. The pandemic is forcing us to adopt new ways of organizing the events. You can look at other things – sports are broadcasted online while stadiums are empty, court proceedings are online, educational courses are being taught online.

This year is teaching us to look at things from a fresh perspective. Keep following Mangum Star News for more updates and latest news.


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