Jio Glass Launched by RIL President Kiran Thomas

Jio Glass

Reliance Jio is making it to news headlines almost every day with big wigs lining up to invest. However, right now, investment isn’t the reason behind the headlines. RIL has announced a high-tech product called Jio Glass for the Indian consumers. With new JioGlass, it will be fun for 3D interactions and watching holographic content.  

What’s Jio Glass?

Mukesh Ambani has shown us that he isn’t fooling around in the market. Instead, he is in to win it. The latest news is that Reliance Jio has launched a revolutionary product in the Indian market with Jio Glass. 

With the Jio Glass, you get to access multiple features such as holographic viewing, 3D interactions, and video conferencing is also possible. It’s going to be interesting to see how it rivals with Google Glass.

The product weighs 75 grams, and you get a personalized audio feature with it. To make the product more comfortable to use, a cable that can be connected to the smartphone. This cable connected to a smartphone will make many interactions using the it possible

Jio Glass: How to Use?

Jio Glass

Since the product isn’t out yet for reviews, we are not sure how it is. However, Jio claims that it will use 3D avatars to make virtual interactions simple. You get to access holographic content through it. 

You get default support of 25 apps on the Jio Glass. We expect these apps will increase with future updates. Jio claims that it will help students for educational purposes. 

Product Price & Availability

You can be sure that there aren’t many competitors in this product segment. It will be interesting to see Reliance Jio Glass competing against Google Glass, Snap Spectacles, and Amazon’s Echo Frames. 

Regarding the price, Jio hasn’t officially announced the price tag for the product. It’s rival Snap Spectacle is priced at 29,999/- in the market. We hope that Jio will make it available for less than that amount. 

Coming to the sale of the Jio Glass, it’s not mentioned when and where it will be up for selling. We expect that it will reach the market sometime before the Q4 of 2020. But this Ambani we are talking about, who knows, it might arrive before that. 

Jio Glass Demonstration

The product isn’t out yet for the public, but there’s a video that features product launch/announcement. If you are interested in catching the real-time glimpse of it, you can watch it above. RIL President, Kiran Thomas is launching the product for Indian, and eventually global market.

Final Words

Jio Glass is still a product that’s out of the reach of masses. It can be regarded as a luxury product. If Jio manages to make it affordable and increases its utility, we might see it becoming the game-changer


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