Fight against the Paranormal Enemies in Red Vs Blue: Zero (Season 18)

I am coming up with another series. I am a big fan of Red vs. Blue: Zero Are you one of them? If yes, then here is complete information about Season 18 of the series. 

Let’s uncover a few things that you must know about this Science fiction, comedy and drama series.

If you are on this page, most probably because you want to watch Red vs. Blue: Zero.

  • Red vs. Blue: Zero follows the genre of Science fiction, comedy and drama.
  • Red vs. Blue: Zero is the eighteenth full season of Red vs. Blue
  •  The season is co-directed and written by Torrian Crawford, Noël Wiggins, and Joshua Kazemi of Rooster Teeth’s Death Battle.
  • The Original Run is November 9, 2020 – December 28, 2020
  • The Running Time is 104 min.
  • Game Engine – Unreal Engine and Character Animation.

Plotline of the Red Vs Blue Season 18 (Zero)


The way the name has been kept for the show, the story explains the same way. There are two teams, Red and Blue and they are in a civil war. But with the further story, it is understood that they are not at war with each other, rather they get projects to work on from the same leader, Zero. 

In Season 18 just like all the seasons, both the teams fight against many enemies and work together to save the galaxy. 

In this season, it is shown that Washington, who had a brain injury, is cured by an advanced robotic technology. On the other hand, it is seen that Carolina watches over the alien who has been transferred to a secured facility.

It is also shown that Zero is extremely strong and unbeatable. Whether it be a hand to hand combat or anything else, he will never lose. Just like shown in the episode, he alone kills the guards of the facility and destroys the facility before leaving it.

Characters of Red Vs Blue Season 18 (Zero)


Alliance of Defense

  • Carolina (8 episodes)
  • Tiny (5 episodes)
  • Washington (3 episodes)

Shatter Squad

  • One (8 episodes)
  • Axel (8 episodes)
  • Raymond (8 episodes)
  • West (7 episodes)


  • Zero (8 episodes)
  • Diesel (8 episodes)


  • Phase (8 episodes)
  • East (8 episodes)
  • Tucker (2 episodes)
  • Black Lotus (2 episodes)
  • The Temple Guardian (1 episode)

Comment your favorite cast member in the given section below.

Red Vs Blue: Zero (Episode List)

Episode List
# Episode Title Airdate (initial) Running Time
1. Viper November 9, 2020 11:04
2. Recovery November 16, 2020 13:15
3. Duo November 23, 2020 15:28
4. Encounter November 30, 2020 11:21
5. Sideways December 7, 2020 12:49
6. Shattered December 14, 2020 10:22
7. For Power Pt. 1 December 21, 2020 15:03
8. For Power Pt. 2 December 28, 2020 16:33

Other Episodes….


PSA List
# PSA Title Airdate
1. Laundry Day February 8, 2020
2. Put Your Money Where Your Mouse Is February 15, 2020
3. Spice it Up February 22, 2020
4. Caboose’s The Price Wheel of Cash: A Red vs. Blue PSA February 29, 2020
5. Visit the Doctor! March 7, 2020
6. Moving Out March 14, 2020
7. New Tech March 21, 2020
8. Cyber Insecurities March 28, 2020
9. Snowed In April 4, 2020
10. End Preppers April 11, 2020
11. Amateur Voice Actors April 18, 2020
12. Hitting the Mark April 25, 2020
13. RvB Zero SDCC Clip July 25, 2020
14. Red VS Blue (Death Battle) November 15, 2020
15. Red vs Blue presents Halo is Coming to Fortnite December 14, 2020
16. Build a Better Blood Gulch December 19, 2020

These are the episodes list which is mentioned above.Comment your favorite episode.

Red Vs Blue :Zero Season 18 (Release Date)

The season Red vs Blue : Zero was originally set to premiere on October 19, 2020, but due to COVID-19 pandemic it was pushed back to November 9, 2020. 

Red Vs Blue :Zero Season 18 (Trailer)

The trailer for ‘Red vs. Blue’ Season 18 is mentioned below . You will get more about the series . Just check the trailer mentioned below. 

Faqs Related Red Vs Blue : Zero (Season 18)

Will There Be a Season 18 of Red Vs Blue?

Season 18 of Red vs Blue has already been released. The season is written and co-directed by Torrian Crawford,Noël Wiggins, and Joshua Kazemi.

Where Is Red Vs Blue Available?

Anyone can watch Season 18 of Red vs Blue on Amazon Instant Video or Google Play. It can be rented or purchased on it.   

How Do I Watch Red Vs Blue Zero?

Season 18 of Red vs Blue can be watched on VRV.

How Many Episodes Are in Red Vs Blue Zero?


In total, there are 8 episodes in Red vs Blue, season 18.

Is Red Vs Blue over?

There are more than 300 episodes and there are still more episodes being produced. With all this in process, Red vs Blue is the longest web television show running. The original channel of the show is Rooster Teeth. The first season began on April 1, 2003 and is still running.

Is Caboose in Red Vs Blue Zero?

Caboose is the protagonist in the show, Red vs. Blue. He is shown as the most loved character in the show and is shown like he is mentally unstable. 

Final Words :

Till now, if you haven’t watched the Red vs Blue Season 18 then go and watch on the above mentioned links. 

I hope you will enjoy the article and if you have any query or suggestion then comment in the given section below. We feel glad to answer them.

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