One-Punch Man: 5 Reasons Why It’s the Best Anime Ever Made

One-Punch Man
One-Punch Man

Started out as a manga, One-Punch Man gained popularity as a manga. Then in 2015, Netflix brought One Punch Man Anime series to its platform. Since then One Punch Man has gained worldwide exposure.

Just like the manga, One-Punch Man tells the story of Saitama. He’s seemingly a remarkable young man who trained super hard to become powerful enough to defeat his enemy with his one punch.

One-Punch & gone. I know you would think of it as boring. No action or challenge for Saitama whatsoever.

A story without powerful villains is a story with no conflict.

So, why One-Punch Man fans cherish it so much? Well, the one obvious reason could be the use of satire. Yeah! It gained a dedicated viewership since its release. That’s because it satirizes these beloved tropes to continually remind us how funny an anime world can be.

Once you watch the One-Punch Man anime, you’ll think of it as world popular satires like Robocop. If you still think of One-Punch Man to be a boring anime, I recommend you to read this complete post. By the end of it, you’ll fall in love with it.

Saitama’s Hilarious Finishing Move

Saitama Killer Move GIF - Saitama KillerMove Boros GIFs

Finishing the move of a hero is what defines the climax of a storyline. Be it an anime or a motion picture. Izuru Kira’s Wabisuke and Goku’s Spirit Bomb are one such example. As compared to them or any other superhero, Saitama’s finishing move is impressive yet hilarious.

By the end of 1st season, Saitama uses his final move for the 1st time against Lord Boros. One devastating punch and Boros is atomized on impact.

On-Point Storyline

Being a long-time anime fan, sometimes I get tired of watching anime that goes on & on.

Unnecessary filler episodes, trivial and tangential storylines take good anime downhill.

However, that’s not the case with One-Punch Man.

There’s no pointless, long-running, dying out plotlines. No means never. In fact, if you head over to Netflix, and search One-Punch Man, you’ll see it has a total of 2 seasons comprising of 24 episodes.

Out of all the countless anime I’ve watched, One-Punch Man is one such rare anime you can pick and have a burst of instant laughter.

By the end of the series, you’ll get a sense of satisfaction which isn’t found in most of the anime.

Villains Portrayed as Real People

armored gorilla | Tumblr

Similar to anime heroes with steadfast determination, most villains single-mindedly devoted to their evil schemes. These schemes could be to either destroy the world or conquer it.

One-Punch Man Netflix anime does a great job by finding the humanity in its villains.

In an episode, when there’s a fight between Saitama and Armored Gorilla, the enormous gorilla roars at them in evil, robotic voice.

However, everything changes when all of his allies are dispatched by Saitama. You can notice subtle changes his tune. In a normal voice, a gigantic gorilla can be heard saying, “Look, I’m really sorry. I’ll tell y you everything just doesn’t kill me.”

Isn’t this strange? How an evil voice changed to a normal one. Even when Saitama asked about the same, the Armored Gorilla responded by saying, “Sorry, I was just trying to sound cool.” That’s damn hilarious. Isn’t it?

Incredible Combat Animation

Throughout the 2 seasons of One-Punch Man, comedy element is deep-rooted in almost every scene. So, natural of you to think of it as a superhero anime with almost next to nothing action scenes.

However, in reality, it’s totally different. One-Punch Man’s combat animation is at the cutting edge of anime. Stunning visuals, display of destruction, incredible battle sequences, and awesome finishing moves win over your heart.

Further, these fighting scenes are what make the anime much more likable to the anime audience. A balance between jaw-dropping battle scenes and hilarious jokes plays a bigger role in increasing the overall quality of the One-Punch Man anime.

Inspiring Self-Made Hero

In almost every superhero movie, there’s a hero who’s born with their superpowers. They’ve all these powers without even working hard for them.

However, in One-Punch Anime, that’s not the case. Saitama didn’t get any of these powers easily. He worked hard for them.

He was born in a normal family as a normal human. It was all his hard work, dedication, and self-confidence that got him where he’s today. A prevailing superhero who can defeat his enemies with just one power-packed punch. It’s inspiring to see Saitama shape into one of the powerful beings of this universe. He teaches young generations how with hard work, anything is possible.

Final Words

Thanks to the character-driven comedy, elegant animation, and legitimately intense action sequences, One-Punch Man has garnered so much love from its fans that it has become one of the best anime of all time. If you watch anime like Death note or Overload then I recommend you to have a look at One-Punch Man.


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